God-Brother’s Wedding

Congrats to the newly wed on Saturday! I woke up rather early that day, to blog and to prepare making my way out to his house. Have a look at the traditional wedding tea ceremony… Apologize for the lousy photography!

Congrats to Hong Hui and Jem as well, for getting married on the same day! It seemed like a good occasion to get married, lol.

Here’s a photo of my grandmother (mummy’s mother), posing with the ‘peace’ sign and all dressed up!

How old does she look like to you? She’s already over 70, but yet she’s still very spontaneous and strong! Don’t belittle her, alright… She can speak lots of languages too, including English! She was giving flying kisses to my mum’s colleagues, when my mum was introducing her to them at the wedding, lol.

Slacked at my god-brother’s place for an hour or two, then took a cab down to the wedding venue at “Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.” Gosh, I’ve been taking cab for the past week, with each fare exceeding $25. I’m feeling so damn broke now, lol.

Mummy, brother & me

Mummy & me

We had high tea at the “Piano Bar” located in the hotel, as there was an urge to kill time before the wedding starts. Sad to say, the service at the bar was only fair, as we had to wait quite a while before somebody came to serve us. Before that, there was nobody in sight at all.

And this, was when my mobile phone died on me. Hence, I didn’t take any photos of my dessert and the Earl Grey Tea. I remembered having the “Chocolate Fudge Pudding” served with vanilla ice cream, though. The serving was rather small and it costs $10. Kinda expensive, but the warm chocolate fudge was extremely tasty and chocolaty!

When it was almost 7pm, we headed upstairs for the cocktail session and proceeded for the wedding dinner. Was using my brother’s mobile phone to snap pictures after that, so please bear with me!

(Click to enlarge)

There were a total of 8 dishes, but I only took 7 of them. The missing one was the steamed garoupa, which had been cut and served onto our plates by the waiter. Not really a pleasant sight to see the messed-up food on my plate!

All the dishes were delicious! Service was also great. My mum’s colleagues seemed to have enjoyed teasing the waiter and I enjoyed laughing too, lol. Bye-bye all!


4th Advanced Birthday Celebration

Had lots of fun on the night out with my ex-colleagues, “Mabel” and “Yong Da” on Thursday! Haven’t really caught up with them ever since my resignation… Thanks for making the effort to come! We had our dinner at Liang Court, which was suggested by Mabel and we were pretty cool with it.

Previously, Lynn had already recommended “Saizeriya” to me but I didn’t have any chance to go. So, there came my golden opportunity. At first, I found it a bit weird that the staffs were greeting the customers in Japanese, when it’s an Italian restaurant. Then I found out that it is actually a Japanese chain of Italian family-style restaurant. Makes sense now, lol.

Here’s all the food we ordered!

Escargots in Special Garlic Butter Sauce

Baked Cheese Scallops

Focaccia Bread (Both plain & garlic)

Medium Rare Steak

Beef Doria (Cheese Baked Rice with Minced Beef)

Egg Custard Pudding (From Italy)

Truffle Ice Cream (From Italy)

I can’t remember what the last item above is called, but it’s obviously an ice cream and is imported from Italy too. There are only three desserts which are imported from Italy, so yeah it’s easy to identify the above with the menu. If you’re gonna try out the ice cream, just order the last item above will do, cause it’s actually the same as the truffle ice cream. Unless you’re only interested in trying out the chocolate flavor, then go for the truffle.

And while indulging on the sweet treats, Yong Da actually made a damn lame comment: “Wah, the pudding import all the way from Italy still can maintain it’s shape leh!” But then, what he said was actually true lol!

The desserts tasted average, pudding was really soft and sweet, but not too sweet. The ice creams were an experience for me, as they were of better quality than the normal ones you usually eat. Er… Well as it states, “Imported from Italy.” The chocolate flavor was really rich and creamy, maximizing it’s tastes to your bud. You can try any of the desserts out!

As for the appetizers, the escargots and scallops were pretty delicious and fresh. I could smell the aroma of cheese and garlic butter sauce from afar! They have got to be splattering hot, so be careful not to go too near. The focaccia garlic bread was kinda unique… Tastes like a mixture of “Roti Prata” and garlic bread together. Still, it’s nice!

Yong Da had the medium rare steak, so I don’t know how it tastes like. The “Beef Doria” was one of the best-selling in the restaurant and hence strongly recommended, but I felt that there could be more room for improvement. As such, the serving was actually kind of minimal. Can’t blame them though, cause the dishes are really cheap. If you wanna know how cheap, then go try the restaurant out! Don’t worry about it being a wasted trip.

Thanks to Yong Da and Mabel, for the cake as well as the dinner! Don’t worry, babe. It’s the thought that counts, not the quality and size of the cake! Mabel was so adorable and random, alright. She held my hand all of a sudden and said, “Kaslyn… Tonight just order whatever you want and eat anything you want, we will pay for your meal!” Yong Da then responded something like, “Alamak! Where got people tell before ordering one… Should be order everything already then say what… Spoiler!” *Laughs* Thanks, guys!

Okay, got to go! It’s my god-brother’s wedding today and I’ve to rush to his place before 3pm. Bye and stay tuned!

3rd Advanced Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was the last day of work for my previous job. Thanks to Chen Haw and Xuan Guang, for the farewell and advanced birthday treats! Thanks to Hong Hui (my in-charge) too, for the unexpected gift.

Yesterday’s lunch was at “Fish & Co!” It’s sort of like both the beginning and ending place for me. When I first entered the company, we all bid farewell to “Summer” at the same place too.

There was this guy with his group of friends, who were celebrating his birthday for him. As part of the entertainment, we watched the guy stood on his chair with an afro hair wig and with a sparkler in his hand. It was rather… Fascinating and comical.

Jerome & Kelvin

Seluna & Eugene

Alvin, Hui, Guang & Chen Haw

Want to know why Seluna and Eugene were having wide smiles on their faces? It’s all thanks to the “LamerkLd” for doing something silly. I was laughing too, hence the shaky effects lol. Thanks huh, Jerome?

Anyway, thanks for everyone’s guidance and support during my stay in the company! I had lots of laughter and fun everyday with you guys. Let’s continue to mass-chat and meet up soon again… I will miss everyone!

After work has ended, I took a cab down to Marriott Hotel for dinner with Aunt. The horrendous cab fare was a ripping $27!

Just the hotel’s ambiance and decorations alone, made me fell in love with it. Dim-lit, elegant and soothing. Service was superb! The staffs were all carrying smiles on their faces, which made it a pleasant sight.

The typical minestrone soup was just so-so, tastes kinda like those canned soups found in supermarkets.

Grilled Salmon with Herb Roasted Potatoes – The potatoes reeked of aromatic herbs and tasted fantastically soft. The vegetables were very fresh and well-cooked, adding crunches to its taste. Salmon was grilled nicely, as the meat was tough on the outside and tender on the inside. Indeed, it had contributed to earn the hotel of it’s “5-stars” rating.

Aunt had gotten me another bottle of perfume- The “Harajuku Lovers ‘Baby’ EDT.” It’s part of the “Snow Bunnies” limited edition set and costs $38. The redolent fragrance carries a sweet scent to it.

We walked around for a bit to digest first, then went over to Isetan’s “TCC” for a drink. The last time, I had their “Chocolate of Wealth” which I couldn’t finish, as it was too sinful for me to do so. Hence, I ordered the simple and innovative “Azuki Coffee Cooler.”

It’s a Japanese style of coffee with red beans and milk… Odd, right? Sentiments exactly, but it tasted great! Must try it!

After we were done with shopping and relaxation at the cafe, Uncle came to fetch us and drove me home.

Look at the new pink wallet which Aunt had bought for me! It’s made of genuine leather and costs around $50 with a promotion going on.

Thanks for everything, Aunt! I definitely enjoyed myself and sorry to have burned a hole in your pocket, lol. Bye-bye, readers!

Moe Moe Kyun Maid Café

Are you going for the upcoming “Anime Festival Asia?” I love “Moe Moe Kyun Maid Café!”

Do you love “Moe Moe Kyun Maid Café” too? Please help to support my friend “Miyake,” if you’re attending the event. Do watch the following video for the “Maid Cafe” rules and regulations. Most of all, have a good laugh at it! (You cannot miss it, Miyake is the one who slapped and kicked the guy, lol!)

The above video and two pictures are credited to Miyake.

Anyway sidetrack, I had a very touching and pleasant surprise last night. Somebody whom I value, but will no longer have the chance to, actually remembered my birthday and had bought an advanced birthday gift for me.

It may sound dramatic, but I was almost close to tears for some reason, when Aunt told me about it. I’m not trying to say that he’s heartless or what, it’s just that I never expected him to remember my birthday and go to the extend of buying me a birthday gift, after that very day.

Thanks a lot for remembering me still. I really like your gift and I’d say that you still know me best…

Ta-ta and good night, everybody. I’m hopping off to bed now!

2nd Advanced Birthday Celebration

I’ve barely slept a wink last night, all thanks to a horrifying spider which shocked me while I was washing my face before bed.

At first, I thought that I was seeing things in the mirror when I saw a huge black figure crawling on the wall behind me. Then when I blinked again, “OH MY GOD, IT’S A FREAKING HUGE BLACK HAIRY SPIDER!” I shouted for my mum immediately and she got a shock too, lol.

For once, I felt so helpless and I thought that I was bound to be doomed under the eight-legged freak’s clutches. Seriously, I’m not exaggerating… It’s freaking huge, fat and disgusting, like those you see in the United States! The thought of it gives me instant goosebumps.

I was unable to sleep, as I woke up almost every hour to look around my surroundings. Was damn afraid that I might be sleeping with my enemy, as it had disappeared a while after my dad sprayed a thrifty amount of insecticide on it and closed the bathroom door. Ri-ght, that was the most ultimate move.

Dad told me that he saw the spider this morning and it was dead already. Don’t know if I should believe him cause he did lie to me once before, knowing that I can get really extreme and not sleep for nights due to the repugnant bugs. Indeed, I was even thinking of calling the pest control guys in! I can never tolerate having to be in ‘danger’ at home.

Back to what the entry title refers to, I was out with Terence, Andy, Alex and Lawrence last night for my second advanced birthday celebration. Lawrence had brought us to “Gobi Desserts” at Suntec, for an exquisite meal.

If you’re thinking that we had desserts for dinner, then you’re wrong lol. They only specialize in desserts and pastries initially, but has moved on to expand in cuisines as well. The restaurant was rather quiet for a weekend and I felt that music was what it had lacked. Other than that, the food was average in my opinion. I had my fair share of lasagna which was rather filling. My stomach was contented and so were my taste buds.


The service was excellent! Staffs were very polite and patient. I like the attitude of the staffs. To my surprise, “Cherly” is actually working there! She’s my Secondary and Diploma schoolmate. Though I’m not really close to her, but it was heart-warming to see somebody else whom I know.

Sometime after we’ve finished our meals, Lawrence presented a cake to me!


The cake was from the same dining place and let me tell you, it was delectable! You can cut it with just bare strength, and it melts upon entering your mouth. Soft, creamy, not-too-sweet. I could sense almost all the ingredients, that were in the making of this final product. Yummy, it’s a ‘die-die-must-try!’ Now I know where to purchase goodies from…

Not to miss out, here are my two birthday gifts!


P151109_22.48Fine silver bracelet

P151109_22.52Photo frame

Thanks for the gifts and dinner treat, my friends! I really appreciate you guys taking time off, to celebrate the special occasion for me. But please don’t buy such an expensive gift next time! It will make me guilty for burning your pockets, lol. As I’d say, “it’s the thought that counts.”

Alright till next time, bye-bye!

Nicole’s 21st Birthday Bash

Hello again! I’m rushing to complete my blog entry hopefully before 5pm today, as I’m going out later. There will be quite a lot of photos for this entry, so please pardon me with my minor photography skills.

Rushed over to meet 小 Ivan and Jun Jie, at Tanah Merah after work yesterday. I was afraid of getting lost on my way to Nicole’s place, as I’m a hopeless direction idiot.




P141109_18.35 Jun Jie & 小 Ivan

On our way to D’Manor cluster townhouses for the party, we got a little lost. Gosh, to think that her place was right in front of our eyes but yet we didn’t realize it! I was astonished, as we stepped up to the security booth located at the townhouses’ entrance. It was an extraordinary sight.



You can call me a “mountain tortoise” or whatever, but I really haven’t seen such a place in Singapore before! It was simply lavish. I was told that each residence costs about 1.5 million SGD and I was utterly shocked.

We made our way to the function room first, with a little help from the security guard who was patrolling around the townhouses. I felt like we had finally completed a maze, as a slight drizzle started. The tiny raindrops had further contributed a certain element to the surrounding ambiance.



We sat outside the function room to chat and to enjoy the scenery. It was a cooling evening, with the slight drizzle going on. Met a new friend too and his name is “Wei Yong.” Pleased to meet you!

P141109_21.26Jun Jie & 小 Ivan

P141109_21.27Kent & Jas (His girlfriend)

P141109_21.32Teck, Nicole & her family

P141109_21.29Teck helping Nicole with the candles

P141109_21.31The birthday girl making her wish

Thanks a lot for the sumptuous buffet, Nicole! Happy belated birthday to you once again. After all the celebration, we went over to Nicole’s place to slack. I was so amazed at how convenient her place was!

Take a look at her basement, it’s located right beside the private car park! So yeah, just imagine the hassle you’d save from walking to your car. Each townhouse is allowed to have two cars, parked right at their basement doorstep. Just nice for their family, as they own two cars.



When I thought that my dream house was already imaginary enough, Nicole’s place is far more than that! I shall let the photos do the talking, for the invasion at her house. Upon entering her basement door…


Beyond the white transparent curtains, is a glass door leading to the laundry area and a washroom, if I’m not wrong.



P141109_23.19[02]Jun Jie


P141109_23.20小 Ivan


Made my way up to the first floor… (Apologize for the poorly-taken photos, it was crowded and hard to picture the perfect angles)



P141109_23.13[01]A peek outside the glass panes



To the right of the dining area is the kitchen, as well as the washroom. There is another washroom, located on the third floor. Hmm okay, that’s it for the photos! I’m not going to post the rest of the photos online, as I want to keep some privacy for Nicole and her family. Hope that I didn’t sound too much like a property agent or bore you out? Lol.

We chatted, played card games, watched the TV, used Nicole’s laptop and had lots of laughter. Man, their company always takes me out of the world! Teck passed me two cheeky cards to read, so I did and took a photo of them. Would you dare to play such a card game? We had it passed, haha!


Kent drove some of us home at around 1.30am, while Nicole sent the other guests home. Thanks for the cool ride, Kent!

Will update again tomorrow, if possible. It’s 5.21pm and I’m having my second advanced birthday celebration later. Bye-bye!

Pink Trolley Suitcase

Today’s been a hasty day… Despite being “Friday the 13th,” it went pretty well for me! After work at 6pm, I decided to cab down to Lucky Plaza, since it was pouring heavily. There were some traffic congestion and I only reached my destination at around 7.15pm. Gosh, the cab fare was a hefty $25! I hurriedly made my way to “McDonald’s” after that, to look for my insurance agent and left a couple of minutes later. Sorry for the wait!

Was with Lawrence too and he had decided to get me a pink trolley suitcase. Yay! Due to the time constraint, we walked around in the vicinity for almost an hour, before settling down with one of them. It was a little challenging to search for a pink-colored, soft-cover trolley suitcase. But well, we made it! The “Hush Puppies” suitcase had cost $100 after some considerations and discount given by the eloquent shop owner.


Damn, the photo just isn’t giving the suitcase enough justice. Anyway, although the suitcase isn’t satin pink in color, it’s still pink and I love it. Big thanks to Lawrence, for fulfilling one of my wish list item!

Oh, daddy had given me a surprise by getting me a necklace for my advanced birthday too! Thanks, daddy.


Tomorrow is Nicole’s birthday celebration at her place! Can’t wait to meet up with my funky friends again… Okay, good night readers!