Departing For Korea

I will be departing for Korea tonight! Totally excited and can’t wait to unravel a whole new series of adventures there. Will be back on the 15th, most probably during dawn.

After which, I’d have to prepare for my upcoming “Music Forest” audition at Cineleisure a few days after. I’m gonna take a hell load of photos during my vacation, with my new-loved camera!

So see you soon, guys! Take care and do not miss me!


The Vampire Diaries

Night out with my favorite girls yesterday. Hmm… Well, excluding Roy of course. If you still don’t know yet, he is Steph’s boyfriend. They’ve been together for really long already. And sometimes, it just makes me envious for some reason. Don’t wish to dwell too much on it.

We had our dinner at this place, called “BBQ Chicken.” I had initially thought that they only serve Western-style chicken there, but I was dead wrong. Felt so contented that Steph and Lydia recommended the place to me.

Slurp! The aroma of the chicken could be smelt from afar. The mashed potato dressing was very nice and tasted different from what I had tasted before. The coleslaw was lovely and fresh, I didn’t felt sinful indulging in the rich mayonnaise sauce. And last but not least, the chicken meat was the best! It was nicely grilled. Very soft, juicy and tender, unlike the normally-grilled chickens… I will definitely be back for it! Just can’t wait.

After the quick dinner, we were looking forward to catch “Ninja Assassin.”

Hmm… Call me slow or whatever. But I didn’t know that “Rain” was the main actor in the show, until Terence asked me how good his acting was. I got stumbled a little at first, lol. The show’s… Superb! You’d get the adrenaline rush watching all the actions, violence and gore.

And no, you don’t have to be psychotic to do that. It’s the suspense and tension you get when watching the show. I’m not really a fan of action-packed movies, but hey… This one’s pretty good. Kept me anticipating for every single scene with my heart throbbing… Not for the abs, but for the climax.

Okay, so apart from that… I’ve actually been hooked to watching a new TV series, called “The Vampire Diaries.” So… If you think that vampires shimmering in the sunlight is exaggerating, how about vampires who are protected from sunlight just by wearing a ring? Because that is what’s happening in the show.

Similarly, “The Vampire Diaries” originates from a novel. And oh yes, who says that vampires have to avoid sunlight, by the way? Anyone actually seen one before, to make that judgment? Seriously, typical people who make criticisms regarding almost everything and anything without any critical back-ups, simply irks me.

It’s the unique concepts… The different perspectives of people to create innovative ideas, in order to promote something. And in this case, the novels and movie sequels. Likewise, for the “Twilight Saga.”

I actually kinda empathize people who are creative… You know why. Just because your idea is different from the others, people would think that your idea’s bullshit. Oh come on, guys. Learn to look outta the box and stop being so traditional, please.

Sad to say, you’d need to be different in order to succeed. And if you think that you really hate such concepts about vampires, then just don’t watch them. Don’t be contradicting because once you pay to watch the movies, buy the novels, or even just illegally watching them online, you are already patronizing them. If you’ve done none, then good for you. But then again, you’d have no rights to criticize them.

A penny for your thoughts, everyone. Good-bye!

Lucrative Day

My blog statistics has been really low these days… Please continue to support my blog, ya? If you have any comments on what I should blog about more, please feel free to share.

Just received a call from “Marriott Hotel” just now. The staff mentioned something about me being selected as one of the members of the hotel, provided that I pay $440 for a year’s membership. Sure, there are lots of privileges and supreme discounts, but I don’t think that it will be worth it, unless I’m going to dine there every fortnight. If any of my readers are actually interested, just let me know and I’ll refer you to the staff.

Anyway, I had an awesome and fruitful day yesterday! Though I barely slept for three hours, I cabbed down to the “Animal Recovery Veterinary Centre” at Balestier in the morning. Was there for a job assessment and yeah, I really learned quite a lot. Managed to see through some pet consultations with the vet, gain knowledge on how and what was used to sterilize the place and tools, surgery procedures, X-ray scans, pet care tips, the ultrasonic scan and the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines.

Well, there’s a lot more… But too many for me to list out! And interestingly, there’s also ICU wards for the pets. Each ward has a CCTV in place and among one of them, contained a mini kitten with bandages around its adorable paws. Was told that it had jumped down from a high-rise place. I swear that the kitten’s darn cute… It was even mewing in it’s sleep!

So sorry that I didn’t take any photos, because my bag was in the locker the entire time. At 1pm, I left the place and headed down to meet my ex-colleagues for lunch. Also, to collect my final salary cheque!

By the way, if you’re interested to learn more about vet stuff, you may opt to be a “volunteer” for a day at the place I went. Go get the insights from there! Simply leave me a comment and I’ll tell you how. It was kinda like once in a lifetime experience for me… The experience is truly extraordinary, so grab hold of the golden opportunities that may come by.

During lunch with them at “Sakae Teppanyaki,” Xuan Guang passed me a gift for my birthday! Was pressed to open it by the others, so I did. Gosh, I was very surprised and happy when I saw the present!

Yes! It’s a pink “Canon Digital IXUS 951S!” Frankly speaking, I never thought that I would ever receive a camera for my birthday. Now, I finally have a camera of my own! It’s light-weighted and slim… Compact. User-friendly, with great resolution and optical zooms. What can I say? It’s gonna be one of my best-loved ‘toys’ now! Besides the camera, there was also a card…

I had a good laugh, reading the birthday wishes! Nice one guys, lol. What’s with me “flipping the tables” and the “eat eat eat?!” *Laughs* My days are always fun and laughter-filled, with you guys around. Thank you so much for the gift, card, wishes and the efforts put in guys!

Will be meeting Steph, Roy and Lydia in two hours’ time to catch “Ninja Assassin.” 안녕! (Bye)

The Peranakan Festival

I’m back! Haven’t really had the time to update my blog, as I was busily revamping my Ipod and looking for a Nintendo DSL R4 theme.

Don’t know what’s with me these days. Having a severe loss of appetite during meals, then I get really hungry in the middle of the night. I think my stomach’s malfunctioning or something, lol.

Anyway, I was at SMU with Lydia on Sunday to have a look at the “Peranakan Festival.” That was the very day, we met a really idiotic taxi driver. We were at Raffles City Link and were unfamiliar with the route to SMU. Hence, we decided to just take a cab. Here’s the story:

Lydia: Uncle, SMU please.
Taxi driver: SMU? Which part?
Lydia: Umm… The administrative buil-
Taxi driver: -Interrupts- You know SMU is just ‘there?’
Lydia & I: Er…? -Blank look on our faces-
Taxi driver: ‘There’ lah, just walk across CHIJMES then a bit more only lah!

*Lydia & I started to whisper and eventually agreed on the cab ride, as we’re direction idiots and it was scorching hot*

Lydia: Erm… Can you just drive us there instead? We’re not really familiar…
Taxi driver: Aiya, tell you both already still don’t understand is it?! It’s just ‘there only!’ *Taxi driver started to sound rude and impatient*

Taxi driver: Just walk lah, okay?! Got people want to board my taxi already, please faster leave lah hor?! Faster and don’t waste my time! There are others waiting to get into my cab!

Thus, we got off his cab reluctantly and I was seriously astonished. There wasn’t even a single soul queuing up for a cab! I thought that perhaps he had received a call or something, but he continued to park his taxi at the same spot, waiting for others to board.

So what the heck, was with his freaking attitude?! Refusing to take us just because it was a short ride? Ain’t a few bucks considered money? Or was he just taking advantage of us, mere teens?

Ever since I studied about customer service, I became quite particular about it. Such services are but the downfall of Singapore’s customer service level. I hate people with attitude problems! They shouldn’t even be part of the industry at all… Damn.

Moving on, we were a little lost upon reaching SMU. Gosh, it’s really huge and spacious inside! Took a few minutes to explore the place, then we went to view the Peranakan art exhibits.

There were stage performances too and lots of small stalls set up there! Being the typical me, of course I had patronized the nyonya food stalls!

That was where my $40 flew to. I know it’s costly, but I don’t do such things all the time so I decided to close an eye lol. After that, we cabbed over to Plaza Singapura for a tea-break and movie.

Chocolate Banana Cake

The home-made chocolate’s terrific! It doesn’t really melt just like that… It melts only in your mouth! Very chocolaty and not too sweet, so you won’t get sick of it’s taste. The cake itself was spongy and moist, bringing the taste of the chocolate higher by a level. As for the sliced bananas, I didn’t really like them as they were overripe.

Have you watched “Orphan” before? It resembles that movie a little… But then again, it’s more of a different genre. This show’s mentally draining and thrilling. Effects are really good. I got a few scares here and there, but they were quite silly scares. (Do I sound contradicting here?) Some scenes were predictable and kind of disgusting. Oh yeah, disgustingly scary.

So, the movie ended in what seemed like a long while and we had our late dinner at ” The Manhattan Fish Market.”

Baked Fish In Garden Herbs

I just wanted to be dining healthily this time round, so I ordered it. It’s pretty awesome… If you’ve read my previous entry, you’d know that I’ve always loved their rice. The fish’s super soft and fresh, with the taste of herbs filling the air. The hearty combination went extremely well and I’d not hesitate to order it again next time!

Deep Fried Mushrooms

This dish is supposed to be an appetizer, but it somehow became our last dish served instead. It didn’t taste amazing, just average and I’d say that there was too much oil involved! Kinda freaked me out and I felt as though I could gain a few pounds due to it. In order to cover up the oily taste, I had to dip it into some mayonnaise, which gave it a plus point for being more sinful. Drats!

Oh by the way, my brother bought two tins of cookies from “The Cookie Museum.” Ever heard of it? I wasn’t even aware.

I like the decorations of the cookie tins. And yeah well, with every quality comes more pennies. My brother purchased two tins, which costs $28 each. Holy cow, the taste is really legendary! It’s like a life-time experience and you’ve got to try it yourself.

Last but not least, stand a chance to win a “Prada” wallet, by taking part in the “ShoppingLifestyle” readers’ contest before 31st March’ 2010! Winners will be notified via phone and email, within 2 weeks of the contest deadline.

You may click here to participate in the simple contest!

And of course, not to forget… Happy birthday, mummy!

Until then, bye-bye all and take care!

“New Moon”

I was so hyped up to watch “New Moon!” Couldn’t wait to get my hands on the movie tickets, which I had finally done so yesterday.

Gosh, was still wondering when I’ll ever be able to see my “Edward Cullen” again. (Please ignore me, I usually go ‘ga-ga’ over such things) Waiting till 3rd December was far too long for me… I’m having the “Twilight Saga” fever now and nothing can stop me! Gonna complete my collection of the original books, then head on to purchasing the saga series.

Don’t bother asking me for comments on the movie, because you know that I’ll be really biased and praise it like hell! Damn, the 130 minutes movie didn’t even seem like a two-hours show. Time flew in the blink of an eye!

Now, why did time have to pass so quickly? Just when I was starting to indulge in heart-throbbing Edward’s suaveness… The film is still going on a repetition in my head right now! I think I’m going mad soon, lol.

And by the way, there is a lot more tension and suspense in “New Moon,” than “Twilight” had. “Jacob” also looks so much better with short hair. I hated his long hair, it irked me badly… But now, he looks so adorable!

Take a good look, at the ever-exciting movie trailer!

Plus, an exclusive hilarious interview session with the main actors and actress!

As for the anti-fans, I don’t really understand why the “Twilight Saga” has actually caused such an uproar. It’s but another ordinary movie, right? Guess what differentiates it from the rest, is that there are already people supporting it way before “Twilight” was even released. (Sour grapes?) And yeah, that’s precisely the reason.

Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight Series” are extraordinary. Hence, the movies have gained popularity not just because of it’s saga storyline, effects, actors and actresses. Try reading the Twilight series before watching the movies and you’ll eventually know how vivid and strong the descriptions in the books are. It’s adequate for you to picture out a fantasy land of your own.

Hence, please think twice before commenting, lol. Ending here, bye-bye all!

My Birthday

Birthday wasn’t really awesome. To me, it was but a typical day filled with both ups and downs… Hence, I’d say that the advanced birthday celebrations were actually so much better than my actual birthday itself. But, whatever.

Was at “Chomp Chomp Food Center” at Serangoon Gardens for dinner that night. Didn’t expect the place to be so packed, despite being a weekday and when it was already later than 8pm. Waited for a while before being seated and my stomach was grumbling non-stop.

Fried Eggs with Oysters

Mutton Soup

Chicken Satay

Sambal Stingray

Barbecued Chicken

What should I say? Food at “Chomp Chomp” is really money-saving! Plus, there is a huge variety of food to choose from. The only bad thing is that, there is no air-con and you have to wait for your seat. I’d actually love to dine there again! If only the crowd was to be lessened, it will be almost perfect.

Oh yeah, mummy made some yam paste specially for me too. Yam paste with ginkgo nuts is nice! Though it didn’t taste marvelous, it was a job well done. I even gave her some constructive comments for improvement and she told me that she hasn’t put in all of her culinary skills yet, lol! Thanks, mummy.

And guess what? I’ve finally watched my long-dreaded “Saw VI!” Wee!

Look, I ain’t some psycho to be enthusiastic about watching it. But the thing is, I can’t help to be drooling over the fantastic storyline, since part I of the movie! Having left the gory scenes aside, I truly appreciate the unexpected twists and turns in the movie.

The director seems so brilliant for having to connect the entire movie series together! Can you imagine how challenging it is? Takes a lot of foresight for that. I can bet that there’s gonna be “Saw VII,” just wondering when the whole series will actually end, lol. Perhaps it might just be another beginning!

Sidetrack, I didn’t know that Zheng Wei is such a good artist, lol!

The drawing is cute, right? *Laughs* Good night all, sweet dreams!

5th Advanced Birthday Celebration

Happy birthday to myself, I’m officially 9teen!

I’m healthy today! Woke up at about 12pm, drank some plain water and then started my first workout of the day. Let me show you the workout! Just do it about thrice daily will do. Be sure to perform some warm-up before the exercises, or you might easily sprain your ankles and waist!

For the first part of the exercise, it’s optional to do with a partner or not. I do both sets anyway. And as for the wooden pole in the second part of the exercise, it is needed for balancing and to straighten your body. If you don’t have something similar, then just use your bamboo poles for hanging clothes. Lol, just kidding! Please don’t do that.

Anyway, you must be thinking why the heck I’m still camping at home right? I’m going out later, so might as well blog now first, lol. As the blog entry title refers, I was out with my long-time favorite companions on Sunday. Guess where we went? “Saizeriya” at Liang Court again! I’m so determined to try out the other dishes, in the Italian restaurant.

Seafood Chowder

This soup tasted marvelous and was darn rich in ingredients! I felt that the soup could be just a teeny weeny bit more diluted though. Hmm… Delicious! No harm trying, it’s only $2.98!

Grilled Green Mussels with Vegetable Salsa

This is but a typical dish in my opinion. The mussels were either not that fresh, or that they don’t suit my taste buds much. I somehow still prefer their “Baked Cheese Scallops” more.

Spaghetti with Mushroom & Cream

As expected, the tastes gets boring after a while. The creamy taste of the dressing wasn’t that bad and I love mushrooms! The serving was super huge, so I could not finish it. Had wanted to try their laksa pasta at first, but decided not to as I was afraid that it might be spicy. I can’t handle hot food!

After dinner, our initial plan was to catch a movie. But Jordan didn’t want to, so we gave that idea a miss. See, we sacrificed for you! Are you touched? Lol.

Thus, we went to Dhoby Gaut to slack and went home after that. Saw this “100-hour movie marathon” going on. Duh, the winner will be the one to finish watching 100 hours of movie continuously, without any sleep. There were only two ‘survivors’ left, after 75 hours of struggle. Wonder who won?

These were my accomplishments for that day!

The cute toy was from 小 Ivan, the key chain was from my brother and the mysterious wrapped gift was from the rest. 大 Ivan told me that it was wrapped with 19 layers of wrapping paper and the gift is something like, “a hand with a middle finger pointing outwards.” Sounds dumb, right? But I actually believed him and got tricked!

Upon unwrapping the gift… (Which was only one layer of wrapping paper and nowhere near “a hand with a middle finger pointing outwards.”)

It’s a “Hello Kitty Wooden Multi-Purpose Holder” cum calender! Thanks, guys! Look at what mummy got me too!

Pink Nintendo DS Lite

Well, it wasn’t really a gift… More like I had to fork out 200 bucks for it and the rest being covered by my mum. Nevertheless, thanks! *Hugs*

Hmm… Gonna have my lunch now. Bye-bye, loves!