The Two Movies

Pardon me, but I feel that my interest for blogging has started to waver again. Be it blogging about the daily happenings, commenting on movies, or even talking about food, it seems like I somehow still feel empty after all. My initial purpose to keep an online blog, was so as to let my memories remain intact as I age.

However, I now feel damn lazy to blog about everything and anything. Am I hopeless? Lol. I’m always like that after I get sick of my blog. Then if my mood returns, I’ll create another blog on another site. Well, maybe.

Anyway, I was out with Lydia again on Saturday. Caught a movie in the morning, followed by my slimming program at “London Weight Management.” Lol, no I’m not overweight! Chubby, maybe? But I do feel that I have some unwanted fats to get rid of. After which, we caught another movie again.

Have you watched “The Fourth Kind” yet? It’s a movie about aliens, which is based on actual case studies. It is also based on several real video footage, which frightened me in the cinema. I felt like it was as though the movie was a black hole, sucking me into it’s climax and making me feel what the witnesses felt.

Do you believe in aliens, anyway? Since young, I’ve been fascinated by myths and legends. I even do research on such mysterious stuff when I’m bored, lol. The movie had left a deep impression in my mind, and one of the scenes with “Dr.Abigail Tyler” was heart-wrenching. Her pains and sorrows had absolutely reached my heart.

As for “Sherlock Holmes,” I was totally bored out at the starting and almost dozed off. I swear that I had already did my part to fight against the tiredness! Unfortunately, I had succumbed to it in the end. As soon as my vision began to blackout, the movie had managed to absorb my attention back when “Blackwood” performed an intriguing trick. And after that, I no longer felt weary but excited, as I anticipated each scene.

The movie’s ingenious, with the element of Science as the important factor. Chemistry, I’d supposed. In case you do not know who “Sherlock Holmes” is, he’s a “fictional character of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries who first appeared in publication in 1887.

Holmes is famous for his intellectual prowess and is renowned for his skillful use of astute observation, deductive reasoning and forensic skills to solve difficult cases.”

– As quoted from Wikipedia.

Quite interesting, I guess. “Sherlock Holmes” is rather ‘legendary’ to me, which had motivated me to patronize the movie. Not bad a film, but I guess that there could be more actions. So yeah, I’ll be looking forward to improvements in part II of the movie!

Okay, signing off already… Bye-bye all!

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