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Music Forest Audition

It’s the time of the year again! Nah, I’m not referring to my blog entry title here… I’m talking about the yearly camping event, held at Holy Innocents’ High School. Each time I hear the organizers making announcements through the megaphone to the students, it will remind me that yet another year is about to end.

Then again, I’d look back and think about what I have achieved so far. Have I, or have I not? Hmm… A ponder for my thoughts, yeah? I sure hope that my life has been led meaningfully all this time. :)

Back to topic, I actually did the most courageous thing in my life yesterday. Which was, to sing in front of everybody in public! I don’t mean singing on the streets or anything, but to perform graciously in front of the judge, staffs and contestants in an audition. Gosh, I had never expected that such a day would come!

– The above photo was taken from “Impresario 2010.”

Had my pitches cracked a couple of times during my first practice and trust me, it was kinda embarrassing. Fortunately, my performance turned out fairly when it was my turn to showcase in front of the judge. I was a bit disappointed by my performance, all thanks to being panic-stricken, which made me literally fervid.

Nevertheless, I’d say that it was an all-good experience! The results will be out approximately end of this month. Wonder if I’ve managed to pass? Lol.

After my audition, I dated Lydia for a movie- “A Perfect Getaway.”

Heard from the others, that the show’s not that good beforehand. However, I’d beg to differ. The visual effects in the show are very realistic… Despite being a thriller with a typical setting, the sound effects and plot aren’t that common after all. Here, you can totally expect the unexpected sound effects and twists! Twists always captures flavors, don’t they? There are also a few humorous scenes in the show, to lighten your spirit and to loosen you up from all the tension.

Hence, the conclusion? Not bad! Lol. Alright, I’m stopping here already. Am beginning to think that perhaps my posts are too long-winded… Bye!