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Korea Trip: Everland

Hello! I’m so sorry for the late update… Was expecting to be blogging much earlier but due to the stupid traffic on Facebook, I could not upload all of my photos and might have to push the deadline further now. Hence, I thought that I should start blogging about my trip first. Here’s my story for day one!

Hadn’t slept for a day, as I’m not comfortable with sleeping on the plane. Took sometime to wash up in the lavatory and I realized that the water seemed to be recycled water or something? Okay, never mind that… The thought of it disgusts me. Anyway!

I had reached Korea at around 7am and rushed to change into winter wear, the moment I landed. Met up with the tour group and my parents moments later, and we were off to visit the well-known “Everland Resort.” I was quite stimulated to go there, as well as to other parts of Korea.

Frankly speaking, I never really liked traveling to Asian countries or to countries with lots of Chinese. I know that I’m rather peculiar, but I don’t know why either. However, I’m glad to have been to Korea this time round! Perhaps it’s because most of my idols originate there, lol.

Well, the visit to “Everland Resort” was a great one. Very worth it, as I could have a full-day unlimited rides pass. Plus, there was also a fireworks and an Olympus fantasy laser show, as well as the moonlighting magic parade float show. Not to forget, the tram ride at the Safari World Zoo is included!

Shall let the photos and videos do the honor. (Please note that I will not be posting most of the trip photos in my blog entries, as there are too many photos. Kindly proceed to my Facebook to view them instead. Thanks!)

– Please pardon me for any poor audio/quality, as I’m not a professional. =)

And so, I spent the night at the “Everland Alps Cottage Cabin Resort.” It’s just next to the “Everland Theme Park” and there’s a back entrance to the theme park, just for the guests to use. You may have a look at the cottage cabin resort!

Well, guess what? There are no beds in my room! Was somehow given the privilege of leading the life of a Korean for a night. If you do not know, most Koreans sleep on the ondol floor with mattresses, instead of beds during winter. It’s really warm and cozy!

Alright, will update again soon. Gonna be very busy for the next few days, packing my stuff in preparation for shifting to my new house, as well as practicing for the upcoming audition. Bye-bye!

P.S: All photos and videos posted, are either taken by my family or me. Kindly seek permission first before ripping/copying them, thank you.