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The Vampire Diaries

Night out with my favorite girls yesterday. Hmm… Well, excluding Roy of course. If you still don’t know yet, he is Steph’s boyfriend. They’ve been together for really long already. And sometimes, it just makes me envious for some reason. Don’t wish to dwell too much on it.

We had our dinner at this place, called “BBQ Chicken.” I had initially thought that they only serve Western-style chicken there, but I was dead wrong. Felt so contented that Steph and Lydia recommended the place to me.

Slurp! The aroma of the chicken could be smelt from afar. The mashed potato dressing was very nice and tasted different from what I had tasted before. The coleslaw was lovely and fresh, I didn’t felt sinful indulging in the rich mayonnaise sauce. And last but not least, the chicken meat was the best! It was nicely grilled. Very soft, juicy and tender, unlike the normally-grilled chickens… I will definitely be back for it! Just can’t wait.

After the quick dinner, we were looking forward to catch “Ninja Assassin.”

Hmm… Call me slow or whatever. But I didn’t know that “Rain” was the main actor in the show, until Terence asked me how good his acting was. I got stumbled a little at first, lol. The show’s… Superb! You’d get the adrenaline rush watching all the actions, violence and gore.

And no, you don’t have to be psychotic to do that. It’s the suspense and tension you get when watching the show. I’m not really a fan of action-packed movies, but hey… This one’s pretty good. Kept me anticipating for every single scene with my heart throbbing… Not for the abs, but for the climax.

Okay, so apart from that… I’ve actually been hooked to watching a new TV series, called “The Vampire Diaries.” So… If you think that vampires shimmering in the sunlight is exaggerating, how about vampires who are protected from sunlight just by wearing a ring? Because that is what’s happening in the show.

Similarly, “The Vampire Diaries” originates from a novel. And oh yes, who says that vampires have to avoid sunlight, by the way? Anyone actually seen one before, to make that judgment? Seriously, typical people who make criticisms regarding almost everything and anything without any critical back-ups, simply irks me.

It’s the unique concepts… The different perspectives of people to create innovative ideas, in order to promote something. And in this case, the novels and movie sequels. Likewise, for the “Twilight Saga.”

I actually kinda empathize people who are creative… You know why. Just because your idea is different from the others, people would think that your idea’s bullshit. Oh come on, guys. Learn to look outta the box and stop being so traditional, please.

Sad to say, you’d need to be different in order to succeed. And if you think that you really hate such concepts about vampires, then just don’t watch them. Don’t be contradicting because once you pay to watch the movies, buy the novels, or even just illegally watching them online, you are already patronizing them. If you’ve done none, then good for you. But then again, you’d have no rights to criticize them.

A penny for your thoughts, everyone. Good-bye!