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Lucrative Day

My blog statistics has been really low these days… Please continue to support my blog, ya? If you have any comments on what I should blog about more, please feel free to share.

Just received a call from “Marriott Hotel” just now. The staff mentioned something about me being selected as one of the members of the hotel, provided that I pay $440 for a year’s membership. Sure, there are lots of privileges and supreme discounts, but I don’t think that it will be worth it, unless I’m going to dine there every fortnight. If any of my readers are actually interested, just let me know and I’ll refer you to the staff.

Anyway, I had an awesome and fruitful day yesterday! Though I barely slept for three hours, I cabbed down to the “Animal Recovery Veterinary Centre” at Balestier in the morning. Was there for a job assessment and yeah, I really learned quite a lot. Managed to see through some pet consultations with the vet, gain knowledge on how and what was used to sterilize the place and tools, surgery procedures, X-ray scans, pet care tips, the ultrasonic scan and the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines.

Well, there’s a lot more… But too many for me to list out! And interestingly, there’s also ICU wards for the pets. Each ward has a CCTV in place and among one of them, contained a mini kitten with bandages around its adorable paws. Was told that it had jumped down from a high-rise place. I swear that the kitten’s darn cute… It was even mewing in it’s sleep!

So sorry that I didn’t take any photos, because my bag was in the locker the entire time. At 1pm, I left the place and headed down to meet my ex-colleagues for lunch. Also, to collect my final salary cheque!

By the way, if you’re interested to learn more about vet stuff, you may opt to be a “volunteer” for a day at the place I went. Go get the insights from there! Simply leave me a comment and I’ll tell you how. It was kinda like once in a lifetime experience for me… The experience is truly extraordinary, so grab hold of the golden opportunities that may come by.

During lunch with them at “Sakae Teppanyaki,” Xuan Guang passed me a gift for my birthday! Was pressed to open it by the others, so I did. Gosh, I was very surprised and happy when I saw the present!

Yes! It’s a pink “Canon Digital IXUS 951S!” Frankly speaking, I never thought that I would ever receive a camera for my birthday. Now, I finally have a camera of my own! It’s light-weighted and slim… Compact. User-friendly, with great resolution and optical zooms. What can I say? It’s gonna be one of my best-loved ‘toys’ now! Besides the camera, there was also a card…

I had a good laugh, reading the birthday wishes! Nice one guys, lol. What’s with me “flipping the tables” and the “eat eat eat?!” *Laughs* My days are always fun and laughter-filled, with you guys around. Thank you so much for the gift, card, wishes and the efforts put in guys!

Will be meeting Steph, Roy and Lydia in two hours’ time to catch “Ninja Assassin.” 안녕! (Bye)