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The Peranakan Festival

I’m back! Haven’t really had the time to update my blog, as I was busily revamping my Ipod and looking for a Nintendo DSL R4 theme.

Don’t know what’s with me these days. Having a severe loss of appetite during meals, then I get really hungry in the middle of the night. I think my stomach’s malfunctioning or something, lol.

Anyway, I was at SMU with Lydia on Sunday to have a look at the “Peranakan Festival.” That was the very day, we met a really idiotic taxi driver. We were at Raffles City Link and were unfamiliar with the route to SMU. Hence, we decided to just take a cab. Here’s the story:

Lydia: Uncle, SMU please.
Taxi driver: SMU? Which part?
Lydia: Umm… The administrative buil-
Taxi driver: -Interrupts- You know SMU is just ‘there?’
Lydia & I: Er…? -Blank look on our faces-
Taxi driver: ‘There’ lah, just walk across CHIJMES then a bit more only lah!

*Lydia & I started to whisper and eventually agreed on the cab ride, as we’re direction idiots and it was scorching hot*

Lydia: Erm… Can you just drive us there instead? We’re not really familiar…
Taxi driver: Aiya, tell you both already still don’t understand is it?! It’s just ‘there only!’ *Taxi driver started to sound rude and impatient*

Taxi driver: Just walk lah, okay?! Got people want to board my taxi already, please faster leave lah hor?! Faster and don’t waste my time! There are others waiting to get into my cab!

Thus, we got off his cab reluctantly and I was seriously astonished. There wasn’t even a single soul queuing up for a cab! I thought that perhaps he had received a call or something, but he continued to park his taxi at the same spot, waiting for others to board.

So what the heck, was with his freaking attitude?! Refusing to take us just because it was a short ride? Ain’t a few bucks considered money? Or was he just taking advantage of us, mere teens?

Ever since I studied about customer service, I became quite particular about it. Such services are but the downfall of Singapore’s customer service level. I hate people with attitude problems! They shouldn’t even be part of the industry at all… Damn.

Moving on, we were a little lost upon reaching SMU. Gosh, it’s really huge and spacious inside! Took a few minutes to explore the place, then we went to view the Peranakan art exhibits.

There were stage performances too and lots of small stalls set up there! Being the typical me, of course I had patronized the nyonya food stalls!

That was where my $40 flew to. I know it’s costly, but I don’t do such things all the time so I decided to close an eye lol. After that, we cabbed over to Plaza Singapura for a tea-break and movie.

Chocolate Banana Cake

The home-made chocolate’s terrific! It doesn’t really melt just like that… It melts only in your mouth! Very chocolaty and not too sweet, so you won’t get sick of it’s taste. The cake itself was spongy and moist, bringing the taste of the chocolate higher by a level. As for the sliced bananas, I didn’t really like them as they were overripe.

Have you watched “Orphan” before? It resembles that movie a little… But then again, it’s more of a different genre. This show’s mentally draining and thrilling. Effects are really good. I got a few scares here and there, but they were quite silly scares. (Do I sound contradicting here?) Some scenes were predictable and kind of disgusting. Oh yeah, disgustingly scary.

So, the movie ended in what seemed like a long while and we had our late dinner at ” The Manhattan Fish Market.”

Baked Fish In Garden Herbs

I just wanted to be dining healthily this time round, so I ordered it. It’s pretty awesome… If you’ve read my previous entry, you’d know that I’ve always loved their rice. The fish’s super soft and fresh, with the taste of herbs filling the air. The hearty combination went extremely well and I’d not hesitate to order it again next time!

Deep Fried Mushrooms

This dish is supposed to be an appetizer, but it somehow became our last dish served instead. It didn’t taste amazing, just average and I’d say that there was too much oil involved! Kinda freaked me out and I felt as though I could gain a few pounds due to it. In order to cover up the oily taste, I had to dip it into some mayonnaise, which gave it a plus point for being more sinful. Drats!

Oh by the way, my brother bought two tins of cookies from “The Cookie Museum.” Ever heard of it? I wasn’t even aware.

I like the decorations of the cookie tins. And yeah well, with every quality comes more pennies. My brother purchased two tins, which costs $28 each. Holy cow, the taste is really legendary! It’s like a life-time experience and you’ve got to try it yourself.

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And of course, not to forget… Happy birthday, mummy!

Until then, bye-bye all and take care!