“New Moon”

I was so hyped up to watch “New Moon!” Couldn’t wait to get my hands on the movie tickets, which I had finally done so yesterday.

Gosh, was still wondering when I’ll ever be able to see my “Edward Cullen” again. (Please ignore me, I usually go ‘ga-ga’ over such things) Waiting till 3rd December was far too long for me… I’m having the “Twilight Saga” fever now and nothing can stop me! Gonna complete my collection of the original books, then head on to purchasing the saga series.

Don’t bother asking me for comments on the movie, because you know that I’ll be really biased and praise it like hell! Damn, the 130 minutes movie didn’t even seem like a two-hours show. Time flew in the blink of an eye!

Now, why did time have to pass so quickly? Just when I was starting to indulge in heart-throbbing Edward’s suaveness… The film is still going on a repetition in my head right now! I think I’m going mad soon, lol.

And by the way, there is a lot more tension and suspense in “New Moon,” than “Twilight” had. “Jacob” also looks so much better with short hair. I hated his long hair, it irked me badly… But now, he looks so adorable!

Take a good look, at the ever-exciting movie trailer!

Plus, an exclusive hilarious interview session with the main actors and actress!

As for the anti-fans, I don’t really understand why the “Twilight Saga” has actually caused such an uproar. It’s but another ordinary movie, right? Guess what differentiates it from the rest, is that there are already people supporting it way before “Twilight” was even released. (Sour grapes?) And yeah, that’s precisely the reason.

Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight Series” are extraordinary. Hence, the movies have gained popularity not just because of it’s saga storyline, effects, actors and actresses. Try reading the Twilight series before watching the movies and you’ll eventually know how vivid and strong the descriptions in the books are. It’s adequate for you to picture out a fantasy land of your own.

Hence, please think twice before commenting, lol. Ending here, bye-bye all!

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