My Birthday

Birthday wasn’t really awesome. To me, it was but a typical day filled with both ups and downs… Hence, I’d say that the advanced birthday celebrations were actually so much better than my actual birthday itself. But, whatever.

Was at “Chomp Chomp Food Center” at Serangoon Gardens for dinner that night. Didn’t expect the place to be so packed, despite being a weekday and when it was already later than 8pm. Waited for a while before being seated and my stomach was grumbling non-stop.

Fried Eggs with Oysters

Mutton Soup

Chicken Satay

Sambal Stingray

Barbecued Chicken

What should I say? Food at “Chomp Chomp” is really money-saving! Plus, there is a huge variety of food to choose from. The only bad thing is that, there is no air-con and you have to wait for your seat. I’d actually love to dine there again! If only the crowd was to be lessened, it will be almost perfect.

Oh yeah, mummy made some yam paste specially for me too. Yam paste with ginkgo nuts is nice! Though it didn’t taste marvelous, it was a job well done. I even gave her some constructive comments for improvement and she told me that she hasn’t put in all of her culinary skills yet, lol! Thanks, mummy.

And guess what? I’ve finally watched my long-dreaded “Saw VI!” Wee!

Look, I ain’t some psycho to be enthusiastic about watching it. But the thing is, I can’t help to be drooling over the fantastic storyline, since part I of the movie! Having left the gory scenes aside, I truly appreciate the unexpected twists and turns in the movie.

The director seems so brilliant for having to connect the entire movie series together! Can you imagine how challenging it is? Takes a lot of foresight for that. I can bet that there’s gonna be “Saw VII,” just wondering when the whole series will actually end, lol. Perhaps it might just be another beginning!

Sidetrack, I didn’t know that Zheng Wei is such a good artist, lol!

The drawing is cute, right? *Laughs* Good night all, sweet dreams!

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