5th Advanced Birthday Celebration

Happy birthday to myself, I’m officially 9teen!

I’m healthy today! Woke up at about 12pm, drank some plain water and then started my first workout of the day. Let me show you the workout! Just do it about thrice daily will do. Be sure to perform some warm-up before the exercises, or you might easily sprain your ankles and waist!

For the first part of the exercise, it’s optional to do with a partner or not. I do both sets anyway. And as for the wooden pole in the second part of the exercise, it is needed for balancing and to straighten your body. If you don’t have something similar, then just use your bamboo poles for hanging clothes. Lol, just kidding! Please don’t do that.

Anyway, you must be thinking why the heck I’m still camping at home right? I’m going out later, so might as well blog now first, lol. As the blog entry title refers, I was out with my long-time favorite companions on Sunday. Guess where we went? “Saizeriya” at Liang Court again! I’m so determined to try out the other dishes, in the Italian restaurant.

Seafood Chowder

This soup tasted marvelous and was darn rich in ingredients! I felt that the soup could be just a teeny weeny bit more diluted though. Hmm… Delicious! No harm trying, it’s only $2.98!

Grilled Green Mussels with Vegetable Salsa

This is but a typical dish in my opinion. The mussels were either not that fresh, or that they don’t suit my taste buds much. I somehow still prefer their “Baked Cheese Scallops” more.

Spaghetti with Mushroom & Cream

As expected, the tastes gets boring after a while. The creamy taste of the dressing wasn’t that bad and I love mushrooms! The serving was super huge, so I could not finish it. Had wanted to try their laksa pasta at first, but decided not to as I was afraid that it might be spicy. I can’t handle hot food!

After dinner, our initial plan was to catch a movie. But Jordan didn’t want to, so we gave that idea a miss. See, we sacrificed for you! Are you touched? Lol.

Thus, we went to Dhoby Gaut to slack and went home after that. Saw this “100-hour movie marathon” going on. Duh, the winner will be the one to finish watching 100 hours of movie continuously, without any sleep. There were only two ‘survivors’ left, after 75 hours of struggle. Wonder who won?

These were my accomplishments for that day!

The cute toy was from 小 Ivan, the key chain was from my brother and the mysterious wrapped gift was from the rest. 大 Ivan told me that it was wrapped with 19 layers of wrapping paper and the gift is something like, “a hand with a middle finger pointing outwards.” Sounds dumb, right? But I actually believed him and got tricked!

Upon unwrapping the gift… (Which was only one layer of wrapping paper and nowhere near “a hand with a middle finger pointing outwards.”)

It’s a “Hello Kitty Wooden Multi-Purpose Holder” cum calender! Thanks, guys! Look at what mummy got me too!

Pink Nintendo DS Lite

Well, it wasn’t really a gift… More like I had to fork out 200 bucks for it and the rest being covered by my mum. Nevertheless, thanks! *Hugs*

Hmm… Gonna have my lunch now. Bye-bye, loves!

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    • Treva
    • November 24th, 2009

    I thought NDS is only around 180?

  1. Not sure, anyway mine costs above $200… Hard-cover + screen protector + R4 DS Card + a variety of games.

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