God-Brother’s Wedding

Congrats to the newly wed on Saturday! I woke up rather early that day, to blog and to prepare making my way out to his house. Have a look at the traditional wedding tea ceremony… Apologize for the lousy photography!

Congrats to Hong Hui and Jem as well, for getting married on the same day! It seemed like a good occasion to get married, lol.

Here’s a photo of my grandmother (mummy’s mother), posing with the ‘peace’ sign and all dressed up!

How old does she look like to you? She’s already over 70, but yet she’s still very spontaneous and strong! Don’t belittle her, alright… She can speak lots of languages too, including English! She was giving flying kisses to my mum’s colleagues, when my mum was introducing her to them at the wedding, lol.

Slacked at my god-brother’s place for an hour or two, then took a cab down to the wedding venue at “Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.” Gosh, I’ve been taking cab for the past week, with each fare exceeding $25. I’m feeling so damn broke now, lol.

Mummy, brother & me

Mummy & me

We had high tea at the “Piano Bar” located in the hotel, as there was an urge to kill time before the wedding starts. Sad to say, the service at the bar was only fair, as we had to wait quite a while before somebody came to serve us. Before that, there was nobody in sight at all.

And this, was when my mobile phone died on me. Hence, I didn’t take any photos of my dessert and the Earl Grey Tea. I remembered having the “Chocolate Fudge Pudding” served with vanilla ice cream, though. The serving was rather small and it costs $10. Kinda expensive, but the warm chocolate fudge was extremely tasty and chocolaty!

When it was almost 7pm, we headed upstairs for the cocktail session and proceeded for the wedding dinner. Was using my brother’s mobile phone to snap pictures after that, so please bear with me!

(Click to enlarge)

There were a total of 8 dishes, but I only took 7 of them. The missing one was the steamed garoupa, which had been cut and served onto our plates by the waiter. Not really a pleasant sight to see the messed-up food on my plate!

All the dishes were delicious! Service was also great. My mum’s colleagues seemed to have enjoyed teasing the waiter and I enjoyed laughing too, lol. Bye-bye all!

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