4th Advanced Birthday Celebration

Had lots of fun on the night out with my ex-colleagues, “Mabel” and “Yong Da” on Thursday! Haven’t really caught up with them ever since my resignation… Thanks for making the effort to come! We had our dinner at Liang Court, which was suggested by Mabel and we were pretty cool with it.

Previously, Lynn had already recommended “Saizeriya” to me but I didn’t have any chance to go. So, there came my golden opportunity. At first, I found it a bit weird that the staffs were greeting the customers in Japanese, when it’s an Italian restaurant. Then I found out that it is actually a Japanese chain of Italian family-style restaurant. Makes sense now, lol.

Here’s all the food we ordered!

Escargots in Special Garlic Butter Sauce

Baked Cheese Scallops

Focaccia Bread (Both plain & garlic)

Medium Rare Steak

Beef Doria (Cheese Baked Rice with Minced Beef)

Egg Custard Pudding (From Italy)

Truffle Ice Cream (From Italy)

I can’t remember what the last item above is called, but it’s obviously an ice cream and is imported from Italy too. There are only three desserts which are imported from Italy, so yeah it’s easy to identify the above with the menu. If you’re gonna try out the ice cream, just order the last item above will do, cause it’s actually the same as the truffle ice cream. Unless you’re only interested in trying out the chocolate flavor, then go for the truffle.

And while indulging on the sweet treats, Yong Da actually made a damn lame comment: “Wah, the pudding import all the way from Italy still can maintain it’s shape leh!” But then, what he said was actually true lol!

The desserts tasted average, pudding was really soft and sweet, but not too sweet. The ice creams were an experience for me, as they were of better quality than the normal ones you usually eat. Er… Well as it states, “Imported from Italy.” The chocolate flavor was really rich and creamy, maximizing it’s tastes to your bud. You can try any of the desserts out!

As for the appetizers, the escargots and scallops were pretty delicious and fresh. I could smell the aroma of cheese and garlic butter sauce from afar! They have got to be splattering hot, so be careful not to go too near. The focaccia garlic bread was kinda unique… Tastes like a mixture of “Roti Prata” and garlic bread together. Still, it’s nice!

Yong Da had the medium rare steak, so I don’t know how it tastes like. The “Beef Doria” was one of the best-selling in the restaurant and hence strongly recommended, but I felt that there could be more room for improvement. As such, the serving was actually kind of minimal. Can’t blame them though, cause the dishes are really cheap. If you wanna know how cheap, then go try the restaurant out! Don’t worry about it being a wasted trip.

Thanks to Yong Da and Mabel, for the cake as well as the dinner! Don’t worry, babe. It’s the thought that counts, not the quality and size of the cake! Mabel was so adorable and random, alright. She held my hand all of a sudden and said, “Kaslyn… Tonight just order whatever you want and eat anything you want, we will pay for your meal!” Yong Da then responded something like, “Alamak! Where got people tell before ordering one… Should be order everything already then say what… Spoiler!” *Laughs* Thanks, guys!

Okay, got to go! It’s my god-brother’s wedding today and I’ve to rush to his place before 3pm. Bye and stay tuned!

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