3rd Advanced Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was the last day of work for my previous job. Thanks to Chen Haw and Xuan Guang, for the farewell and advanced birthday treats! Thanks to Hong Hui (my in-charge) too, for the unexpected gift.

Yesterday’s lunch was at “Fish & Co!” It’s sort of like both the beginning and ending place for me. When I first entered the company, we all bid farewell to “Summer” at the same place too.

There was this guy with his group of friends, who were celebrating his birthday for him. As part of the entertainment, we watched the guy stood on his chair with an afro hair wig and with a sparkler in his hand. It was rather… Fascinating and comical.

Jerome & Kelvin

Seluna & Eugene

Alvin, Hui, Guang & Chen Haw

Want to know why Seluna and Eugene were having wide smiles on their faces? It’s all thanks to the “LamerkLd” for doing something silly. I was laughing too, hence the shaky effects lol. Thanks huh, Jerome?

Anyway, thanks for everyone’s guidance and support during my stay in the company! I had lots of laughter and fun everyday with you guys. Let’s continue to mass-chat and meet up soon again… I will miss everyone!

After work has ended, I took a cab down to Marriott Hotel for dinner with Aunt. The horrendous cab fare was a ripping $27!

Just the hotel’s ambiance and decorations alone, made me fell in love with it. Dim-lit, elegant and soothing. Service was superb! The staffs were all carrying smiles on their faces, which made it a pleasant sight.

The typical minestrone soup was just so-so, tastes kinda like those canned soups found in supermarkets.

Grilled Salmon with Herb Roasted Potatoes – The potatoes reeked of aromatic herbs and tasted fantastically soft. The vegetables were very fresh and well-cooked, adding crunches to its taste. Salmon was grilled nicely, as the meat was tough on the outside and tender on the inside. Indeed, it had contributed to earn the hotel of it’s “5-stars” rating.

Aunt had gotten me another bottle of perfume- The “Harajuku Lovers ‘Baby’ EDT.” It’s part of the “Snow Bunnies” limited edition set and costs $38. The redolent fragrance carries a sweet scent to it.

We walked around for a bit to digest first, then went over to Isetan’s “TCC” for a drink. The last time, I had their “Chocolate of Wealth” which I couldn’t finish, as it was too sinful for me to do so. Hence, I ordered the simple and innovative “Azuki Coffee Cooler.”

It’s a Japanese style of coffee with red beans and milk… Odd, right? Sentiments exactly, but it tasted great! Must try it!

After we were done with shopping and relaxation at the cafe, Uncle came to fetch us and drove me home.

Look at the new pink wallet which Aunt had bought for me! It’s made of genuine leather and costs around $50 with a promotion going on.

Thanks for everything, Aunt! I definitely enjoyed myself and sorry to have burned a hole in your pocket, lol. Bye-bye, readers!

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