2nd Advanced Birthday Celebration

I’ve barely slept a wink last night, all thanks to a horrifying spider which shocked me while I was washing my face before bed.

At first, I thought that I was seeing things in the mirror when I saw a huge black figure crawling on the wall behind me. Then when I blinked again, “OH MY GOD, IT’S A FREAKING HUGE BLACK HAIRY SPIDER!” I shouted for my mum immediately and she got a shock too, lol.

For once, I felt so helpless and I thought that I was bound to be doomed under the eight-legged freak’s clutches. Seriously, I’m not exaggerating… It’s freaking huge, fat and disgusting, like those you see in the United States! The thought of it gives me instant goosebumps.

I was unable to sleep, as I woke up almost every hour to look around my surroundings. Was damn afraid that I might be sleeping with my enemy, as it had disappeared a while after my dad sprayed a thrifty amount of insecticide on it and closed the bathroom door. Ri-ght, that was the most ultimate move.

Dad told me that he saw the spider this morning and it was dead already. Don’t know if I should believe him cause he did lie to me once before, knowing that I can get really extreme and not sleep for nights due to the repugnant bugs. Indeed, I was even thinking of calling the pest control guys in! I can never tolerate having to be in ‘danger’ at home.

Back to what the entry title refers to, I was out with Terence, Andy, Alex and Lawrence last night for my second advanced birthday celebration. Lawrence had brought us to “Gobi Desserts” at Suntec, for an exquisite meal.

If you’re thinking that we had desserts for dinner, then you’re wrong lol. They only specialize in desserts and pastries initially, but has moved on to expand in cuisines as well. The restaurant was rather quiet for a weekend and I felt that music was what it had lacked. Other than that, the food was average in my opinion. I had my fair share of lasagna which was rather filling. My stomach was contented and so were my taste buds.


The service was excellent! Staffs were very polite and patient. I like the attitude of the staffs. To my surprise, “Cherly” is actually working there! She’s my Secondary and Diploma schoolmate. Though I’m not really close to her, but it was heart-warming to see somebody else whom I know.

Sometime after we’ve finished our meals, Lawrence presented a cake to me!


The cake was from the same dining place and let me tell you, it was delectable! You can cut it with just bare strength, and it melts upon entering your mouth. Soft, creamy, not-too-sweet. I could sense almost all the ingredients, that were in the making of this final product. Yummy, it’s a ‘die-die-must-try!’ Now I know where to purchase goodies from…

Not to miss out, here are my two birthday gifts!


P151109_22.48Fine silver bracelet

P151109_22.52Photo frame

Thanks for the gifts and dinner treat, my friends! I really appreciate you guys taking time off, to celebrate the special occasion for me. But please don’t buy such an expensive gift next time! It will make me guilty for burning your pockets, lol. As I’d say, “it’s the thought that counts.”

Alright till next time, bye-bye!

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    • Lawrence
    • November 16th, 2009

    Ahhh…i forgot to tell them to turn on the Music.Usually they got music.not sure why last nite there were no music =x . Anw,hope you do enjoy the food and the cake =)

    • CurryPrince
    • November 16th, 2009

    Sooo Stronnng ~ <3

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