Nicole’s 21st Birthday Bash

Hello again! I’m rushing to complete my blog entry hopefully before 5pm today, as I’m going out later. There will be quite a lot of photos for this entry, so please pardon me with my minor photography skills.

Rushed over to meet 小 Ivan and Jun Jie, at Tanah Merah after work yesterday. I was afraid of getting lost on my way to Nicole’s place, as I’m a hopeless direction idiot.




P141109_18.35 Jun Jie & 小 Ivan

On our way to D’Manor cluster townhouses for the party, we got a little lost. Gosh, to think that her place was right in front of our eyes but yet we didn’t realize it! I was astonished, as we stepped up to the security booth located at the townhouses’ entrance. It was an extraordinary sight.



You can call me a “mountain tortoise” or whatever, but I really haven’t seen such a place in Singapore before! It was simply lavish. I was told that each residence costs about 1.5 million SGD and I was utterly shocked.

We made our way to the function room first, with a little help from the security guard who was patrolling around the townhouses. I felt like we had finally completed a maze, as a slight drizzle started. The tiny raindrops had further contributed a certain element to the surrounding ambiance.



We sat outside the function room to chat and to enjoy the scenery. It was a cooling evening, with the slight drizzle going on. Met a new friend too and his name is “Wei Yong.” Pleased to meet you!

P141109_21.26Jun Jie & 小 Ivan

P141109_21.27Kent & Jas (His girlfriend)

P141109_21.32Teck, Nicole & her family

P141109_21.29Teck helping Nicole with the candles

P141109_21.31The birthday girl making her wish

Thanks a lot for the sumptuous buffet, Nicole! Happy belated birthday to you once again. After all the celebration, we went over to Nicole’s place to slack. I was so amazed at how convenient her place was!

Take a look at her basement, it’s located right beside the private car park! So yeah, just imagine the hassle you’d save from walking to your car. Each townhouse is allowed to have two cars, parked right at their basement doorstep. Just nice for their family, as they own two cars.



When I thought that my dream house was already imaginary enough, Nicole’s place is far more than that! I shall let the photos do the talking, for the invasion at her house. Upon entering her basement door…


Beyond the white transparent curtains, is a glass door leading to the laundry area and a washroom, if I’m not wrong.



P141109_23.19[02]Jun Jie


P141109_23.20小 Ivan


Made my way up to the first floor… (Apologize for the poorly-taken photos, it was crowded and hard to picture the perfect angles)



P141109_23.13[01]A peek outside the glass panes



To the right of the dining area is the kitchen, as well as the washroom. There is another washroom, located on the third floor. Hmm okay, that’s it for the photos! I’m not going to post the rest of the photos online, as I want to keep some privacy for Nicole and her family. Hope that I didn’t sound too much like a property agent or bore you out? Lol.

We chatted, played card games, watched the TV, used Nicole’s laptop and had lots of laughter. Man, their company always takes me out of the world! Teck passed me two cheeky cards to read, so I did and took a photo of them. Would you dare to play such a card game? We had it passed, haha!


Kent drove some of us home at around 1.30am, while Nicole sent the other guests home. Thanks for the cool ride, Kent!

Will update again tomorrow, if possible. It’s 5.21pm and I’m having my second advanced birthday celebration later. Bye-bye!

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