Pink Trolley Suitcase

Today’s been a hasty day… Despite being “Friday the 13th,” it went pretty well for me! After work at 6pm, I decided to cab down to Lucky Plaza, since it was pouring heavily. There were some traffic congestion and I only reached my destination at around 7.15pm. Gosh, the cab fare was a hefty $25! I hurriedly made my way to “McDonald’s” after that, to look for my insurance agent and left a couple of minutes later. Sorry for the wait!

Was with Lawrence too and he had decided to get me a pink trolley suitcase. Yay! Due to the time constraint, we walked around in the vicinity for almost an hour, before settling down with one of them. It was a little challenging to search for a pink-colored, soft-cover trolley suitcase. But well, we made it! The “Hush Puppies” suitcase had cost $100 after some considerations and discount given by the eloquent shop owner.


Damn, the photo just isn’t giving the suitcase enough justice. Anyway, although the suitcase isn’t satin pink in color, it’s still pink and I love it. Big thanks to Lawrence, for fulfilling one of my wish list item!

Oh, daddy had given me a surprise by getting me a necklace for my advanced birthday too! Thanks, daddy.


Tomorrow is Nicole’s birthday celebration at her place! Can’t wait to meet up with my funky friends again… Okay, good night readers!

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  1. I thought my browser load incorrectly, when I see Page Load Error. Thats a cute way to obfuscate random visitors! lolx

    Oh, and thats a cute suitcase too! ;)

    Budak Baba

  2. LOL! Got’cha, BB! What a pleasant surprise for you to come for a visit… ><

  3. oh its nothing. im bored, what with the rain keeping me indoors. :)

  4. I see… Thanks for coming by! :)

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