Ideal Birthday Wish List

It’s 2 more weeks to my birthday and I’m so excited! Here are the items which I really hope to receive. Though I know that most of my wishes are rather impossible, just let me dream about receiving them anyway.

black-nintendo-wiiNintendo Wii

I’ve been drooling to own a “Nintendo Wii!” I love gaming and having to own a game gadget myself, would really make an ultimate difference in my life. With it, I won’t be bored at home anymore! Watching others play with it, makes me feel so envious. I want it damn badly!

sony_cybershot_DSC_TX1_fPink Sony Cyber-shot® Digital Camera TX1

This is my ideal dream camera. However, I’m not really very particular on getting this, as it’s kinda high-end. So long as it’s a good, light-weighted and pink-colored camera will do. It will definitely come into handy, during my vacation trips, like the upcoming one to Korea!

SRS-M50_pink_low_610x427Portable Pink Speakers

Music is my life. Whenever I’m overseas, I have such a strong craving for music, that having my head phones on isn’t enough to express my love for it. I need this affordable speaker, in order to carry on my burning passion for music! Actions speaks louder than words.

Pink Hello Kitty Luggage Bag

Okay, I don’t really have a specific one in mind. The above is my dream luggage, but I don’t think that it’s affordable for a gift. Might as well be more realistic, lol. I’m thinking that having a pink hand luggage bag, pink travel bag or pink trolley suitcase will do me a great favor, especially for my new job and when I love traveling.

sony_ericsson_w395_x_hello_kitty_2Sony Ericsson W395 (Hello Kitty)

I don’t really need this, but being a fan of “Hello Kitty,” I’d want to have it for collection purposes. Of course, I will start to use it in future but just not now.

Pink framePink Photo Frame

If you wanna get me a photo frame, please do not buy those fanciful ones. Just a normal one like the above will do, because too fanciful might end up limiting the display photo size. I want to be able to see the entire photo without it being covered by the frame, or it will be very troublesome.

So, have you thought of what to get for me yet? No doubt, I’d be disappointed if I don’t receive any of the above. But oh well… It’s the thought that counts, so any gift would be alright.

Just hope that I won’t receive the same gifts, lol. Hence, I think that it might be better to tell me first, if you’re intending to get one of the above for me.

Bye-bye beloveds, thanks for reading my boring post!

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    • Lawrence
    • November 10th, 2009

    pink pink pink @@

    • Andy
    • November 15th, 2009

    If you got any similar gift. Then you can use the second one as spare lo

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