1st Advanced Birthday Celebration

It was my first advanced birthday celebration, with Steph and Lydia yesterday. Felicia was supposed to come meet us too, but did not turn up in the end as she wasn’t feeling well. Take care, babe!

I had wanted to surprise Steph and Lydia, by bringing them to an Italian restaurant, “Ristorante De Parma” for lunch. So the three of us cabbed down to Serangoon Gardens, looking forward to dine at a new place. With the least expectancy, we saw the restaurant wind up for the day in front of our eyes! Gosh, were we lucky or what?

Left with no better choices as it was already almost 3pm, we walked a little further up and dined at “Sushi Tei” instead. Finally, I was able to start taming my grouchy stomach with food.

P08-11-09_15.24Lydia & me

If you’re reading this Steph, I didn’t post our photo because I had accidentally deleted it away! Sorry, please don’t kill me for this lol. We can still take a photo together again next time!

After what seemed like 10-15 minutes, our dishes began to stream in! Having starved for quite some time, I actually ordered quite a few dishes. Now, let me do the introductions!


Chawanmushi – This egg custard dish is a ‘must-try,’ whenever I dine at a Japanese restaurant. The one served at “Sushi Tei” was average, but I liked it as they were rather generous with the ingredients in it.


Japanese gyoza & minced squid tempura – The gyoza wrappers were extraordinarily soft and juicy! They had absorbed all the taste of the fillings and tasted heavenly. As for the minced squid tempura, when I say ‘minced,’ I mean it. The squid meat was really shredded up into mini pieces, but yet I was still able to experience its luxurious taste. You may want to avoid this dish though, if you’re on a diet.


Zuwai crab fried rice – I just felt like eating fried rice at that moment and that was why I ordered this. Wasn’t expecting a lot from this dish, but it had managed to prove me wrong. I’m not a fan of crab meat, so I won’t comment on that. As for the fried rice, it does taste different from the usual ones we usually order. Don’t know how to express it, so just go try the dish yourself!


Teriyaki cod fish – Cod fish is my second love! The way they handled the meat was alright. Odor-free, tender and juicy. Its skin was soft and crispy at the same time… The teriyaki sauce was indeed the finishing touch for the grand cod fish project, adequate for a rounded-up fine dining experience. Be careful when indulging on the meat though, as there are a few bones in it.

After making the payment, our next destination was Bugis Junction! Despite having eaten like a pig, I was awfully tempted by the ice cream, which was calling out for me when we walked past the store. But not just me, alright! Steph and Lydia were tempted by it too! We just could not resist those vibrant colors which were bursting it’s flavors out.



Aha, chocolates are my love too! The Belgium chocolate ice cream was freaking rich in flavor and although frozen, it was still soft enough for my delicate plastic spoon to scoop up. I came to realize that my brother’s girlfriend loves the ice cream from this store too. She doesn’t take ice cream, with the exception of ice cream from this place. So come on, readers! It’s time to pamper yourself, eh?

And so, we carried on strolling around and I began to feel really sinful for having squandered so much money. The more we walked around, the more temptations of shopping! Steph got me a mobile phone sock cover which had caught our eyes. Now, the both of us have the exact same mobile phone sock cover design! Thanks, wife!

Other than that, I’ve also bought a pink T-shirt (I wonder when was the last time I actually wore pink), a pair of fake eyelashes and the eye glue for it, as well as two pairs of watches. So that’s two items stroked off my ‘wanted list.’ The watch and the mobile phone sock cover.



Later that evening, Terence messaged me and we decided to meet up for dinner, together with Alex and Daren after Steph’s departure. We had our dinner at “Crystal Jade Restaurant” and hmm… Not really much of a dinner for Lydia and me, as we only ordered their mango cream with sago and pomelo.

Wanna know why? Because we were really full still. We did steal a few pieces of food from the rest too, like the 小笼包 and the deep fried radish pastries. They were damn nice to eat, especially the mango dessert! It wasn’t too sweet, was really fresh and I liked the tinge of milk to it. Perfect!


P081109_19.57Mr.Mysterious, Alex, Daren & Terence

Thus, this marks the end of my first advanced birthday celebration! Thanks for that awesome day. It’s almost 12.30am now and I’m dead beat. Hopping off to bed, bye-bye!

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    • Winterie
    • November 10th, 2009

    hehe ok luhs… take photo another time hehe.
    Loves laopo take care dear and have a veri Happy Birthday! =D
    Eh, u describe the food till i also wanna eat lehs LOL.. I tink u can work for Wat2Eat LOL.. cos u write veri well man (Junho Style) LOL!

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for coming by.
    Sorry to have miss you and your friends for your birthday party.

    Do print this little reply to receive your birthday dessert treat from us! See you soon!


  2. @ Ristorante de Parma: Gosh, really?! I’m looking forward to dining at “Ristorante de Parma.” See you soon!
    @ Winterie: LOL, “Junho style?!” My God, haha! Where got so good? >< I'm flattered, dear.

  3. Yup ; ) Juz print the note along ok? Juz in case I’m not around, at least my colleagues wld knw it is for real!

  4. Noted, Ping. Thanks a zillion!

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