The PeRUN!akan Race

Finished work early at 4pm yesterday… Took a cab down to East Coast Road from my office, to collect my prize from the “Refer-A-Friend” contest. To satisfy your curiosity, my prize was a Canon printer. Well, pretty awesome for a ‘mysterious prize’ and plus, it was just the right time for me to get a new printer!

I only intend to start using it however, after settling down at my new place. I’m like, so looking forward towards it! A big thank you, to the organizers of the “PeRUN!akan Race” and to those who have helped me. Also, thanks to the guys who have helped me to carry the printer!


It was a fabulous fruitful trip, to have gone down to the “Katong Antique House.” I have learned about a few cultures and stuff, regarding the traditional “Peranakans” in the past. The owner of the two-story shop house, “Peter Wee,” was very welcoming and warm towards us. I was amazed that he could actually manage and maintain everything so well, by himself. For your information, the filming of “The Little Nyonya (小娘惹)” took place there.


I had explored the entire first floor of the shop house and indeed, the legends of the Peranakans can be found there. It’s no wonder, that members of “The Peranakan Association” had asked the winners to gather there. Such a thoughtful connection, right? It was nice meeting up with the other two winners, as well as the association’s members! Mummy had bought home some food of the Peranakan style from the same venue too.

picture 1

picture 2

I think that I’m beginning to be enticed by the Peranakan culture already. Are you feeling the same as me? If you wish to learn more and win some attractive prizes, then simply participate in the “PeRUN!akan Race!” Take a look at the poster below and click on it!


– The above photos are all taken from the internet.

Be sure to make your way to the “Peranakan Museum” this coming 20th, for a round of blogging competition. The first prize would be $250 cash, second prize’s $150 cash and third, $100 cash. You can try your luck out! Good night.

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    • Lawrence
    • November 7th, 2009

    Gratz on winning the canon printer!

  1. Thanks, Lawrence!

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