First and foremost, I’d like to give my heartfelt condolences to an ex-colleague of mine. I will not mention what had happened, as it might be a sensitive issue. So if you wanna know, then please click here.

Life’s simply unpredictable. Girl, we all know that you’ll be able to pull through all these. Don’t give up and be strong, we’ll always be behind you. Take good care and live life to the fullest. Will be sending condolence flowers to her husband’s wake tomorrow. Many thanks to my colleagues, who have volunteered to help chip in for the cost.

Other than this unfortunate event, I’ve also lost a great friendship. This friend, has always been special to me. Despite the very end, I have been holding onto hopes for our friendship and struggled with the presence of awkwardness. I’m not going to mention about what happened as well, since it’s already the past. No point mentioning about it, because I know that nothing’s gonna change. I just feel so frustrated at myself, for having held responsible for something which I’ve not even done.

If you do know me well enough, there are a couple of things I detest in life. One, to be maligned by others. Two, being helpless and watch my close/loved ones being bullied. Three, to be constantly pestered and irritated by people. In this case, the former applies. Sigh, I think it’s best to trust no one but myself. I hate it when people put words into my mouth. Why do people always have to frame me? And what have I done to deserve all these? It’s one tide after another and I’ve had enough of seeing all the ugly sides…

I should just buck up with life from now on. I need to just look forward. I should be happier, since my birthday’s nearing. Okay, thanks for reading my depressed entry. Signing off…

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