Halloween Cosplay

Halloween II

As per mentioned in my previous entry, this was the movie which I had watched with Andy and Lydia yesterday. Well, this part II movie is much better than part I. I wasn’t actually really looking forward to this part II, but since many had anticipated, I decided to give it a go.

Indeed, part II had made more sense and the storyline has shown improvement, as in comparison with part I. Needless to say, more gruesome and gory scenes as well. The sound effects are pretty good, as they have managed to scare me thrice! Thumbs up for that.

I was also quite grossed out at the start of the movie, especially the part where the patient’s nail came off. Eww! Lydia was really funny when she was watching the movie. She went like, “Oh my God! Why did I ever agree to come and watch with you? I must be out of my mind!” HAHA.

After which, off we went to Iluma to meet up with the rest! We were supposed to meet at 7pm, but the rest were late as usual. On our way to Iluma from Bugis MRT station, I blinked my eyes a couple of times, as I saw someone cosplaying as “L” from “Death Note.” I think that I was too amazed, hence I didn’t react fast enough to take a photo of him.

But never mind, because I’ve already found a photo of that “L” cosplayer!


Upon our arrival at Iluma, there were even more cosplayers! So, would you like to see more photos? (Louder, I can’t hear you) Alright then, here you go!

Uchiha SasukeUchiha Sasuke

Zero KiryuZero Kiryu

P311009_22.35Ichigo Kurosaki


– The first three photos are credited to the “SG Cafe.”

Wanna know why I didn’t take photos with the cosplayers? Because I’m shy, lol! Really, I’m not kidding! *Laughs* Here are more random shots!

vampire doraemon

Vampiric Doraemon


Mummified Pikachu & Andy

P311009_22.23Daren, Terence, Jian Xiong & Alex

P31-10-09_20.19[01]Lydia & me

Before meeting the cosplayers, we had our dinner at “Empire State.” I haven’t gone out with Terence, Daren, Alex, Lee and Jian Xiong for a long, long time. Daren has now gone back to studying! I was kind of taken aback by the news but nevertheless, all the best! Please stop looking at girls only, lol.

Anyway, I love the Halloween ambiance at “Empire State.” The cobwebs, spiders, skeleton and the spooky-looking ghost!




P311009_20.21Daren & Lee

P311009_20.22[01]Terence & Alex

P311009_21.55[1]Jian Xiong & Terence

Does Alex look familiar to some of you? If you do recognize him, well he had acted in one of the TV series with “MediaCorp” before. Hmm… Back to the topic, the service at “Empire State” has quite a few pros and cons.

There was one waiter who was kind of rude, as he did not apologize to my friends for accidentally knocking a glass of water and a plate of food against them. Besides that, there was a strand of hair which was found in the pizza.

Fortunately, the waitress was quick to change and rectify it for us. There were two more waiters, who were quite nice and let us change seats, as being seated on the sofas located inside was too stuffy and hot. As for my food…


Spot-on, you guessed it! Salmon is my love! The salad tastes pretty awesome and the salad dressing was really appetizing. Plus, the salmon sauce and mashed potato were excellent. I love the cheesy flavor! However, the only regret was that the salmon wasn’t tender enough. Well overall, the dining experience was just average. Perhaps I might go back there again.

And so, you’ve reached the end of my post for today. If you still find my posts boring… Then don’t read it! Haha. I’ve tried my best to make it interesting already, okay? Good night and bye-bye!

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    • Lydia
    • November 2nd, 2009

    do u really have to add that line?

  1. Yes, it’s hilarious! :D

    • Lydia
    • November 6th, 2009

    u nv say the cinema 7 thing

  2. I don’t want to! It’s so embarrassing… Don’t mention it again! Lol.

    • Lydia
    • November 14th, 2009


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