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“New Moon”

I was so hyped up to watch “New Moon!” Couldn’t wait to get my hands on the movie tickets, which I had finally done so yesterday.

Gosh, was still wondering when I’ll ever be able to see my “Edward Cullen” again. (Please ignore me, I usually go ‘ga-ga’ over such things) Waiting till 3rd December was far too long for me… I’m having the “Twilight Saga” fever now and nothing can stop me! Gonna complete my collection of the original books, then head on to purchasing the saga series.

Don’t bother asking me for comments on the movie, because you know that I’ll be really biased and praise it like hell! Damn, the 130 minutes movie didn’t even seem like a two-hours show. Time flew in the blink of an eye!

Now, why did time have to pass so quickly? Just when I was starting to indulge in heart-throbbing Edward’s suaveness… The film is still going on a repetition in my head right now! I think I’m going mad soon, lol.

And by the way, there is a lot more tension and suspense in “New Moon,” than “Twilight” had. “Jacob” also looks so much better with short hair. I hated his long hair, it irked me badly… But now, he looks so adorable!

Take a good look, at the ever-exciting movie trailer!

Plus, an exclusive hilarious interview session with the main actors and actress!

As for the anti-fans, I don’t really understand why the “Twilight Saga” has actually caused such an uproar. It’s but another ordinary movie, right? Guess what differentiates it from the rest, is that there are already people supporting it way before “Twilight” was even released. (Sour grapes?) And yeah, that’s precisely the reason.

Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight Series” are extraordinary. Hence, the movies have gained popularity not just because of it’s saga storyline, effects, actors and actresses. Try reading the Twilight series before watching the movies and you’ll eventually know how vivid and strong the descriptions in the books are. It’s adequate for you to picture out a fantasy land of your own.

Hence, please think twice before commenting, lol. Ending here, bye-bye all!


My Birthday

Birthday wasn’t really awesome. To me, it was but a typical day filled with both ups and downs… Hence, I’d say that the advanced birthday celebrations were actually so much better than my actual birthday itself. But, whatever.

Was at “Chomp Chomp Food Center” at Serangoon Gardens for dinner that night. Didn’t expect the place to be so packed, despite being a weekday and when it was already later than 8pm. Waited for a while before being seated and my stomach was grumbling non-stop.

Fried Eggs with Oysters

Mutton Soup

Chicken Satay

Sambal Stingray

Barbecued Chicken

What should I say? Food at “Chomp Chomp” is really money-saving! Plus, there is a huge variety of food to choose from. The only bad thing is that, there is no air-con and you have to wait for your seat. I’d actually love to dine there again! If only the crowd was to be lessened, it will be almost perfect.

Oh yeah, mummy made some yam paste specially for me too. Yam paste with ginkgo nuts is nice! Though it didn’t taste marvelous, it was a job well done. I even gave her some constructive comments for improvement and she told me that she hasn’t put in all of her culinary skills yet, lol! Thanks, mummy.

And guess what? I’ve finally watched my long-dreaded “Saw VI!” Wee!

Look, I ain’t some psycho to be enthusiastic about watching it. But the thing is, I can’t help to be drooling over the fantastic storyline, since part I of the movie! Having left the gory scenes aside, I truly appreciate the unexpected twists and turns in the movie.

The director seems so brilliant for having to connect the entire movie series together! Can you imagine how challenging it is? Takes a lot of foresight for that. I can bet that there’s gonna be “Saw VII,” just wondering when the whole series will actually end, lol. Perhaps it might just be another beginning!

Sidetrack, I didn’t know that Zheng Wei is such a good artist, lol!

The drawing is cute, right? *Laughs* Good night all, sweet dreams!

5th Advanced Birthday Celebration

Happy birthday to myself, I’m officially 9teen!

I’m healthy today! Woke up at about 12pm, drank some plain water and then started my first workout of the day. Let me show you the workout! Just do it about thrice daily will do. Be sure to perform some warm-up before the exercises, or you might easily sprain your ankles and waist!

For the first part of the exercise, it’s optional to do with a partner or not. I do both sets anyway. And as for the wooden pole in the second part of the exercise, it is needed for balancing and to straighten your body. If you don’t have something similar, then just use your bamboo poles for hanging clothes. Lol, just kidding! Please don’t do that.

Anyway, you must be thinking why the heck I’m still camping at home right? I’m going out later, so might as well blog now first, lol. As the blog entry title refers, I was out with my long-time favorite companions on Sunday. Guess where we went? “Saizeriya” at Liang Court again! I’m so determined to try out the other dishes, in the Italian restaurant.

Seafood Chowder

This soup tasted marvelous and was darn rich in ingredients! I felt that the soup could be just a teeny weeny bit more diluted though. Hmm… Delicious! No harm trying, it’s only $2.98!

Grilled Green Mussels with Vegetable Salsa

This is but a typical dish in my opinion. The mussels were either not that fresh, or that they don’t suit my taste buds much. I somehow still prefer their “Baked Cheese Scallops” more.

Spaghetti with Mushroom & Cream

As expected, the tastes gets boring after a while. The creamy taste of the dressing wasn’t that bad and I love mushrooms! The serving was super huge, so I could not finish it. Had wanted to try their laksa pasta at first, but decided not to as I was afraid that it might be spicy. I can’t handle hot food!

After dinner, our initial plan was to catch a movie. But Jordan didn’t want to, so we gave that idea a miss. See, we sacrificed for you! Are you touched? Lol.

Thus, we went to Dhoby Gaut to slack and went home after that. Saw this “100-hour movie marathon” going on. Duh, the winner will be the one to finish watching 100 hours of movie continuously, without any sleep. There were only two ‘survivors’ left, after 75 hours of struggle. Wonder who won?

These were my accomplishments for that day!

The cute toy was from 小 Ivan, the key chain was from my brother and the mysterious wrapped gift was from the rest. 大 Ivan told me that it was wrapped with 19 layers of wrapping paper and the gift is something like, “a hand with a middle finger pointing outwards.” Sounds dumb, right? But I actually believed him and got tricked!

Upon unwrapping the gift… (Which was only one layer of wrapping paper and nowhere near “a hand with a middle finger pointing outwards.”)

It’s a “Hello Kitty Wooden Multi-Purpose Holder” cum calender! Thanks, guys! Look at what mummy got me too!

Pink Nintendo DS Lite

Well, it wasn’t really a gift… More like I had to fork out 200 bucks for it and the rest being covered by my mum. Nevertheless, thanks! *Hugs*

Hmm… Gonna have my lunch now. Bye-bye, loves!

God-Brother’s Wedding

Congrats to the newly wed on Saturday! I woke up rather early that day, to blog and to prepare making my way out to his house. Have a look at the traditional wedding tea ceremony… Apologize for the lousy photography!

Congrats to Hong Hui and Jem as well, for getting married on the same day! It seemed like a good occasion to get married, lol.

Here’s a photo of my grandmother (mummy’s mother), posing with the ‘peace’ sign and all dressed up!

How old does she look like to you? She’s already over 70, but yet she’s still very spontaneous and strong! Don’t belittle her, alright… She can speak lots of languages too, including English! She was giving flying kisses to my mum’s colleagues, when my mum was introducing her to them at the wedding, lol.

Slacked at my god-brother’s place for an hour or two, then took a cab down to the wedding venue at “Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.” Gosh, I’ve been taking cab for the past week, with each fare exceeding $25. I’m feeling so damn broke now, lol.

Mummy, brother & me

Mummy & me

We had high tea at the “Piano Bar” located in the hotel, as there was an urge to kill time before the wedding starts. Sad to say, the service at the bar was only fair, as we had to wait quite a while before somebody came to serve us. Before that, there was nobody in sight at all.

And this, was when my mobile phone died on me. Hence, I didn’t take any photos of my dessert and the Earl Grey Tea. I remembered having the “Chocolate Fudge Pudding” served with vanilla ice cream, though. The serving was rather small and it costs $10. Kinda expensive, but the warm chocolate fudge was extremely tasty and chocolaty!

When it was almost 7pm, we headed upstairs for the cocktail session and proceeded for the wedding dinner. Was using my brother’s mobile phone to snap pictures after that, so please bear with me!

(Click to enlarge)

There were a total of 8 dishes, but I only took 7 of them. The missing one was the steamed garoupa, which had been cut and served onto our plates by the waiter. Not really a pleasant sight to see the messed-up food on my plate!

All the dishes were delicious! Service was also great. My mum’s colleagues seemed to have enjoyed teasing the waiter and I enjoyed laughing too, lol. Bye-bye all!

4th Advanced Birthday Celebration

Had lots of fun on the night out with my ex-colleagues, “Mabel” and “Yong Da” on Thursday! Haven’t really caught up with them ever since my resignation… Thanks for making the effort to come! We had our dinner at Liang Court, which was suggested by Mabel and we were pretty cool with it.

Previously, Lynn had already recommended “Saizeriya” to me but I didn’t have any chance to go. So, there came my golden opportunity. At first, I found it a bit weird that the staffs were greeting the customers in Japanese, when it’s an Italian restaurant. Then I found out that it is actually a Japanese chain of Italian family-style restaurant. Makes sense now, lol.

Here’s all the food we ordered!

Escargots in Special Garlic Butter Sauce

Baked Cheese Scallops

Focaccia Bread (Both plain & garlic)

Medium Rare Steak

Beef Doria (Cheese Baked Rice with Minced Beef)

Egg Custard Pudding (From Italy)

Truffle Ice Cream (From Italy)

I can’t remember what the last item above is called, but it’s obviously an ice cream and is imported from Italy too. There are only three desserts which are imported from Italy, so yeah it’s easy to identify the above with the menu. If you’re gonna try out the ice cream, just order the last item above will do, cause it’s actually the same as the truffle ice cream. Unless you’re only interested in trying out the chocolate flavor, then go for the truffle.

And while indulging on the sweet treats, Yong Da actually made a damn lame comment: “Wah, the pudding import all the way from Italy still can maintain it’s shape leh!” But then, what he said was actually true lol!

The desserts tasted average, pudding was really soft and sweet, but not too sweet. The ice creams were an experience for me, as they were of better quality than the normal ones you usually eat. Er… Well as it states, “Imported from Italy.” The chocolate flavor was really rich and creamy, maximizing it’s tastes to your bud. You can try any of the desserts out!

As for the appetizers, the escargots and scallops were pretty delicious and fresh. I could smell the aroma of cheese and garlic butter sauce from afar! They have got to be splattering hot, so be careful not to go too near. The focaccia garlic bread was kinda unique… Tastes like a mixture of “Roti Prata” and garlic bread together. Still, it’s nice!

Yong Da had the medium rare steak, so I don’t know how it tastes like. The “Beef Doria” was one of the best-selling in the restaurant and hence strongly recommended, but I felt that there could be more room for improvement. As such, the serving was actually kind of minimal. Can’t blame them though, cause the dishes are really cheap. If you wanna know how cheap, then go try the restaurant out! Don’t worry about it being a wasted trip.

Thanks to Yong Da and Mabel, for the cake as well as the dinner! Don’t worry, babe. It’s the thought that counts, not the quality and size of the cake! Mabel was so adorable and random, alright. She held my hand all of a sudden and said, “Kaslyn… Tonight just order whatever you want and eat anything you want, we will pay for your meal!” Yong Da then responded something like, “Alamak! Where got people tell before ordering one… Should be order everything already then say what… Spoiler!” *Laughs* Thanks, guys!

Okay, got to go! It’s my god-brother’s wedding today and I’ve to rush to his place before 3pm. Bye and stay tuned!

3rd Advanced Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was the last day of work for my previous job. Thanks to Chen Haw and Xuan Guang, for the farewell and advanced birthday treats! Thanks to Hong Hui (my in-charge) too, for the unexpected gift.

Yesterday’s lunch was at “Fish & Co!” It’s sort of like both the beginning and ending place for me. When I first entered the company, we all bid farewell to “Summer” at the same place too.

There was this guy with his group of friends, who were celebrating his birthday for him. As part of the entertainment, we watched the guy stood on his chair with an afro hair wig and with a sparkler in his hand. It was rather… Fascinating and comical.

Jerome & Kelvin

Seluna & Eugene

Alvin, Hui, Guang & Chen Haw

Want to know why Seluna and Eugene were having wide smiles on their faces? It’s all thanks to the “LamerkLd” for doing something silly. I was laughing too, hence the shaky effects lol. Thanks huh, Jerome?

Anyway, thanks for everyone’s guidance and support during my stay in the company! I had lots of laughter and fun everyday with you guys. Let’s continue to mass-chat and meet up soon again… I will miss everyone!

After work has ended, I took a cab down to Marriott Hotel for dinner with Aunt. The horrendous cab fare was a ripping $27!

Just the hotel’s ambiance and decorations alone, made me fell in love with it. Dim-lit, elegant and soothing. Service was superb! The staffs were all carrying smiles on their faces, which made it a pleasant sight.

The typical minestrone soup was just so-so, tastes kinda like those canned soups found in supermarkets.

Grilled Salmon with Herb Roasted Potatoes – The potatoes reeked of aromatic herbs and tasted fantastically soft. The vegetables were very fresh and well-cooked, adding crunches to its taste. Salmon was grilled nicely, as the meat was tough on the outside and tender on the inside. Indeed, it had contributed to earn the hotel of it’s “5-stars” rating.

Aunt had gotten me another bottle of perfume- The “Harajuku Lovers ‘Baby’ EDT.” It’s part of the “Snow Bunnies” limited edition set and costs $38. The redolent fragrance carries a sweet scent to it.

We walked around for a bit to digest first, then went over to Isetan’s “TCC” for a drink. The last time, I had their “Chocolate of Wealth” which I couldn’t finish, as it was too sinful for me to do so. Hence, I ordered the simple and innovative “Azuki Coffee Cooler.”

It’s a Japanese style of coffee with red beans and milk… Odd, right? Sentiments exactly, but it tasted great! Must try it!

After we were done with shopping and relaxation at the cafe, Uncle came to fetch us and drove me home.

Look at the new pink wallet which Aunt had bought for me! It’s made of genuine leather and costs around $50 with a promotion going on.

Thanks for everything, Aunt! I definitely enjoyed myself and sorry to have burned a hole in your pocket, lol. Bye-bye, readers!

Moe Moe Kyun Maid Café

Are you going for the upcoming “Anime Festival Asia?” I love “Moe Moe Kyun Maid Café!”

Do you love “Moe Moe Kyun Maid Café” too? Please help to support my friend “Miyake,” if you’re attending the event. Do watch the following video for the “Maid Cafe” rules and regulations. Most of all, have a good laugh at it! (You cannot miss it, Miyake is the one who slapped and kicked the guy, lol!)

The above video and two pictures are credited to Miyake.

Anyway sidetrack, I had a very touching and pleasant surprise last night. Somebody whom I value, but will no longer have the chance to, actually remembered my birthday and had bought an advanced birthday gift for me.

It may sound dramatic, but I was almost close to tears for some reason, when Aunt told me about it. I’m not trying to say that he’s heartless or what, it’s just that I never expected him to remember my birthday and go to the extend of buying me a birthday gift, after that very day.

Thanks a lot for remembering me still. I really like your gift and I’d say that you still know me best…

Ta-ta and good night, everybody. I’m hopping off to bed now!