I’ve managed to dig out a few of my childhood photos, while packing up for preparation to move to my new house in February. Here are two photos which I’ve found!



Sorry if the photos look kinda blur. I can’t remember where I’ve taken the first photo at, but the second one was at New Zealand. I looked really silly and tomboyish, right?! My elder brother also looked kind of chubby, but his face is shaped like a winter melon now! Haha.

Anyway, I’ve received the full schedule for my Korea trip! Here’s a bit of the details on my upcoming vacation.

7D5N Explore Korea

Date: 8th December’ 2009

Tour Fare: SGD1228
Taxes: SGD297
Land only: SGD728

Highlights of the tour:

– Upgrade 6 star hotel
– 1N Everland Resort
– Full day Yongin Everland unlimited rides
– Safari World Zoo with tram ride
– Laser & fireworks show
– 1N Ski Resort
– Skiing inclusive rental of ski equipments and rental of clothes
– Shopping at Seoul
– Eastsea Oceanic Scenic Route at Donghae (train ride)
– Sol Beach AquaWorld Theme Park

It’s gonna be snowing when I get to Korea! I’m absolutely looking forward to that. Been hoping to see snow, ever since I started touring around when I was 8. I love cold countries and the feeling of eating ice cream in those extreme temperatures, lol.

Well, that’s it for today’s post! Before signing off, I’d like to thank everybody for giving me their support on the “Refer-A”Friend” contest. It’s all thanks to you guys, that I’ve won third place! Thank you!

Alright then, bye-bye my darling readers!

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