Good & Bad

I have both good and bad events to blog about for today. My day started off, with some pure rotten luck. It was pouring cats and dogs as I made my way to the bus-stop from home, in order to rush to work. I simply hate having to be outdoors during such weathers! Just when I was about to shelter myself with an umbrella out in the opens, I realized that my umbrella was spoiled! How unlucky.

I then decided to flag for a cab instead, but to no availability. It took me some time to think if I should just get myself drenched and run quickly to the bus-stop in the distance. Ultimately, I gave that idea up when I saw the bus drove past me. And then just when I was about to resort to calling my dad for help, a cab finally came and I got in. Geez, what a tough venture.

After the awful incident, my gloomy day turned into a sunny one, when my mum notified me that our yearly overseas trip has been brought forward to December 2009, instead of January 2010! Hence, I’ll be flying off to Korea on 8th December and will be returning on the 15th. I’m so damn excited and delighted about it!

Sidetrack, if you haven’t watched the “Pandorum” movie, then don’t. I regretted watching the movie with Andy the other day. The graphics were indeed intense, but it has a poor storyline and bad explanations for some happenings in the show. Frankly speaking, I even find that some scenes aren’t logical and justifiable.


Okay, going to bed now. Need sufficient rest or I’ll have an outbreak of pimples again. Will be giving my graduation ceremony a miss, due to some irresponsible people and last minute stuff. Good night!

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