Packed Days Ahead

I’m so not gonna stay home tomorrow! Spent almost the entire Sunday, watching movies. Was supposed to go out but abandoned the idea in the end, due to some reasons.

Anyway, here are two really good shows which I’d like to introduce to my fellow horror flick fans!



Okay, “The Thaw” was really grossed and gory in my opinion. The plot is about a group of students, who discovered that a deadly prehistoric parasite has been released, after the extinct mammoth has been thawed out due to a melting polar icecap. Let me tell you, I just have this deep hatred and phobia for all bugs. They somehow just disgusts me! So please do not allow any bugs to come near me or I will scream my lungs out, lol.

As for “Wrong Turn 3,” you might probably take sometime to absorb the show if you haven’t watched part I and II. “Wrong Turn” has always been a fast-paced and violence-packed show. It’s somewhat similar to the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “The Hills Have Eyes,” definitely not the kind of cheap production film and speaks of mutant killers. Very gory and realistic as it can be. So, that’s all for the recommendations.

Gonna be very busy for the next 1-2 weeks ahead. Gotta go collect my graduation gown from “Raffles Studio” to attend my Diploma graduation ceremony, visit the dentist for my braces appointment, watch “Paranormal Activities,” “Halloween II” and “Jennifer’s Body,” dye my hair ash brown, meet up with my insurance agent, go shopping, etc.

Not to forget, I still owe a couple of people a date! So sorry for pushing them back… I will meet up with you guys soon! A piece of great news to share with everyone as well. I think I’ll be going to Korea next year for my yearly vacation. I’ve been to Taiwan, Hong Kong, United States, Malaysia, Switzerland, France and New Zealand so far. Boy… Don’t ask me why, but I still prefer western countries more.

Don’t you just love traveling? My dream destinations are Paris, Hokkaido and Glasgow. Though I still won’t be accomplishing my dream next year, but oh well. That’s one more destination down!

Alright, stopping my entry here now. It’s yet another windy and boring post. Thanks a lot for reading and bye-bye!

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    • winterie
    • October 20th, 2009

    Take me with you!
    Put me in your suitcase.

  1. HAHA! You just wanna see your idols there, right?! D:

    • winterie
    • October 22nd, 2009

    No i wanna go korea!
    I wanna learn korean

    ok lahs ok lahs… i wan see my 2PM lahs.
    So how? steady bo? i hide in yr luggage WAHAHAHAH!

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