Start Of A Change

It’s my rest day again! Out with Steph and Lydia for another movie of the week. This time round, it was “Sorority Row.” I thought of watching it as Xuan Guang had mentioned that it was quite nice. Glad that his taste wasn’t that bad, haha.


In my opinion, the movie was rather interesting. Although kind of cliche, but the tension was built up well. Needless to say, the murderer was gruesome enough to make the audience stare in shock. The identity of the murderer also seemed surprising to me and I truly admire “Cassidy” for her boldness.

Sidetrack, the main actresses in the movie are totally hot. So, guys. Does it appeal more to you now? Lol.

After the show, off I went to “Jeric Salon” for my appointment. Finally, I have had my hair extensions removed and my original hair trimmed even shorter! Goodbye to long hair once again…


In case you’re wondering, yes. “Jeric Salon” is also part of the “Reds Salon.” I’m pretty contented with my new hair stylist, “Melvin.” He’s rather friendly and has a great sense of humor! My previous hair stylist was from “Kimage Hair Studio” and she has resigned. Hence, the salon hopping. It’s great that I don’t have to salon hop anymore!

The shoulder, back and scalp massage was absolutely heavenly. I’d be glad to come back to this salon though the cost may be a little pricey, but the end result is all good! I’d have to thank Aunt for this.

Didn’t take a photo of my new hairstyle though, as I’m not even used to it yet. Next time, maybe.

Anyway, special thanks to the following people for all the encouragement and concern… Xuan Guang, Wendy, Yulian, David, Steph, Lydia, Kelvin, Cyndre, Jun Hao and Ronald. Thanks, guys!

Last but not least, work hard Steph! Good luck for your upcoming exams and don’t give up. 加油!

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    • winterie
    • October 15th, 2009

    Thanks laopo! <3 Friday is my last paper! WOOHOO!
    Roy is angry wit mi over my 2PM again… hiaz… nth to say…
    Love ya <3 Muwarks! Take care! Show off your new hair soon! =D

    • ronald
    • October 15th, 2009

    We wan c new hair , we wan c new hair , we wan c new hair

  1. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

  2. Sis Kasie~ I’ll add your blog to mine, ok? ^^~ Hope it’s okay~

    – Chii

  3. Hello, Chii! How did you find my blog? Haha. Sure thing ;D

  4. I stalked you~! Kidding :P

    Saw you post on Hrin’s blog.. :p

  5. Uhhuh! I see… Hehe. Didn’t expect you to trace me all the way here. *Hugs Sis!

  6. That’s how I lurve you sis~! *hugglez* :p Nice hair~ :p

  7. Ha, thanks! <3 you too, Sis!

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