The Manhattan Fish Market

Andy flew my kite today again! Was supposed to meet him to watch the movie “Darah,” but he woke up too late. Geez… Luckily I was quick-witted and had seen that coming. Hence, I had asked dearest’s mummy out for movie and dinner at Plaza Singapura. Wouldn’t want to let another of my rest day go to waste!

Had dinner at “The Manhattan Fish Market” and God, it was a superb dining experience for me!






The soup of the day was super delicious! It was rich in flavor and the creamy taste did not wear my taste buds out. Of course, being the usual me, I had ordered the grilled salmon set with rice. Do you know? I tend to only eat two kinds of fish- salmon and codfish.

The salmon was very fresh and juicy! Some of you might think that grilled food may be a little dry and hard in texture, but not for this! The skin of the salmon was amazingly crispy, and the meat tasted very tender. Fret not, the seafood stench wasn’t present too!

Having not much expectations for the rice, I was taken aback when I scooped a spoonful of it into my mouth. It was filled with fragrance and had a smooth texture to it! Definitely the right dish for my meal.

As compared to “Fish & Co,” I’m sorry to say that I would have to bow down to this instead. Apart from just commenting on the food, the staffs were very friendly, welcoming and patient. I was pretty contented after my meal and I’d say… This is one of the best recommendations to you, readers! You’ve got to try this place out!

After dinner, it was time for the movie. Let me tell you… “Darah” was extraordinary. Not trying to belittle productions from Indonesia, but the quality of the movie had impressed me. It was a decent, suspense and gore-filled movie.


I loved the professionalism of the actors in the show, especially their expressionless faces. I believe that having no expressions is one of the key factors in a thrilling murder show. Isn’t that how most murderers are supposed to be like, as seen from shows? Crude, cold and calm. Believe it or not, having no expression is also an expression!

Most importantly, it had captured my interest throughout the entire movie. Tension rises after each scene and almost everything was accounted for, to the audience. The ending was marvelous too. It’s yet another classic horror movie of the year.

Hence, I’d sum up today as a fruitful one! Sincerely thank Aunt, for giving me the opportunity to earn such a day. Good night, everybody!

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    • Lydia
    • October 12th, 2009

    i wan watch darah!!!

    • winterie
    • October 12th, 2009

    I also wanna watch haha!
    Anyways… silence is also a type of “sound effect”. Thats wad i learn haha.

  1. I’m not gonna watch the movie again! People might think that I’m a psycho, lol. You both can go watch together… ;)

    • Lydia
    • October 15th, 2009

    hahaha….maybe can go with her on sun hahaha

  2. Indonesia makes good horror movies :]
    (They have got too many ghosts over thar I guess)

  3. Seriously? Man, you gotta bring some to me when you come over to SG! D:

  4. If they do have it, sure, I’ll bring you to them, why not. Hahaha. I like Thai/Indo horror movies. I think they got too much inspirations from real life events… D:
    (and they actually do have a few big hits with awsm cinematography!)

  5. Inspirations from real life events? Lol. I can only think of Thailand for that. Awesome, I’d love to watch shows with cool cinematography!

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