Mixed Entry

Just came back from work about two hours ago. Spent some time chatting with Xuan Guang and Kelvin after work. Sorry for stalling your time and many thanks, guys! Here’s a group photo of my colleagues and me having dinner together in the pantry.


Thank you to Wendy and Yulian too! And cheer up, Jeff! We can do it.

Managed to finally watch “Phobia 2” with Lydia on Wednesday. If you’re unaware, the movie is actually a Thai horror anthology. In my opinion, it is a far catch from “4bia.” Part I of the movie was so much nicer than the current part II. In fact, some of the stories and scenes totally made no sense.

Was quite disappointed, actually. But still, the last story had served it’s entertainment purposes well. The only thing which was lacking from the last story, was a fruitful ending to it. However, the movie’s sound effects did freak me out, lol.

movie-poster-phobia-2After the movie, it was dinner with dearest’s mummy. We dined at “Hot Tomato Express” located at Plaza Singapura. The pasta definitely tasted better than “Swensen’s” and the prices are relatively fair. Though I’ve been to Plaza Singapura umpteen times, I’ve never really thought of dining at their basement before. Quite a whole new experience for me… I love their salmon pasta! Thanks for the treat!


By the way, did I mention before that I love having desserts at the dessert corner located at Hougang Mall? You can seriously try it out there! You’ll have no regrets, lol.



Does the above photo make you hungry? Snow ice tastes awfully delicious! Haha. Okay, rushing off to bed now. Good night, bye-bye!

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    • ronald
    • October 10th, 2009

    the food look YUMMY!

  1. I know. It tempts me too, lol!

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