Specially For Him

Here are the two gifts, which I’ve specially gotten for my boyfriend!



Yes, a “Void” watch from “VOL.TA!” He has been eying it for a while now. Just thought of getting the watch for him before his Bangkok trip, so that he’ll be able to wear it there. Coincidentally, his “Fossil” watch’s strap is spoiled! So now, he will have a brand new watch in the nick of time. However, my dear… This is gonna be your advanced birthday gift. Hence, no more birthday gifts for you! I’m so poor now… Unlike you, $280 is a hefty sum for me… *Grumbles*


And this, is the second gift. The edamame soybean pod key chain, fresh flown from Hong Kong! The mailing charge alone costs almost $18 already. Well, though I didn’t manage to give my dear much of a surprise, I hope that my efforts weren’t in vain. Please tell me that you’ll love me for these, lol!

Alright, here’s the most crucial part…

My birthday is coming soon, okay?! – Hints to all my readers –

Got it yet? Haha. Okay, ciaos all!

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    • Lydia
    • October 3rd, 2009

    i gave u urs so u will expect none from me.
    but i still haven recieve mine……

  1. There you go again… Lol. Wednesday, set?!

    • Lydia
    • October 4th, 2009

    hahahaa…..ya lor until the day u give me my present i will continue to chase u for it wahahahahaa….
    ya wed set….

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