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Halloween Day

Happy Halloween, everyone! Do you actually know what the occasion is about? Pardon me, but I only came to know about it a few days ago, after watching the movie “Trick ‘r Treat.”


I’d say that it’s just an average horror movie. Can be really complicating and ridiculous, if you don’t pay enough attention to the details in the show. Happened to me and I was jolly well lost in the midst of it. However, I liked the way in which the four stories are linked together. Also gained lots of knowledge about Halloween, from this movie.

So here’s the catch! Halloween is actually somewhat similar to our “Hungry Ghost Festival.” The ancient Celts believed that the border between this world and the Netherworld became thin on Samhain, allowing spirits (both harmless and harmful) to pass through. The family’s ancestors were honored and invited home whilst harmful spirits were warded off. It is believed that the need to ward off harmful spirits led to the wearing of costumes and masks. Their purpose was to disguise oneself as a harmful spirit and thus avoid harm.

And have you ever heard of “trick-or-treat?” Trick-or-treating is a custom for children on Halloween. Children proceed in costume from house to house, asking for treats such as confectionery, or sometimes money, with the question, “Trick or treat?” The “trick” is an idle threat to perform mischief on the homeowners or their property if no treat is given.

As for the jack-o’-lantern, it tells another tale.

An old Irish folk tale tells of Stingy Jack, a lazy yet shrewd farmer who uses a cross to trap the Devil. One story says that Jack tricked the Devil into climbing an apple tree, and once he was up there Jack quickly placed crosses around the trunk or carved a cross into the bark, so that the Devil couldn’t get down. Another myth says that Jack put a key in the Devil’s pocket while he was suspended upside-down.

Another version of the myth says that Jack was getting chased by some villagers from whom he had stolen, when he met the Devil, who claimed it was time for him to die. However, the thief stalled his death by tempting the Devil with a chance to bedevil the church-going villagers chasing him. Jack told the Devil to turn into a coin with which he would pay for the stolen goods (the Devil could take on any shape he wanted); later, when the coin/Devil disappeared, the Christian villagers would fight over who had stolen it. The Devil agreed to this plan.

He turned himself into a silver coin and jumped into Jack’s wallet, only to find himself next to a cross Jack had also picked up in the village. Jack had closed the wallet tight, and the cross stripped the Devil of his powers; and so he was trapped. In both myths, Jack only lets the Devil go when he agrees never to take his soul. After a while the thief died, as all living things do. Of course, his life had been too sinful for Jack to go to heaven; however, the Devil had promised not to take his soul, and so he was barred from hell as well.

Jack now had nowhere to go. He asked how he would see where to go, as he had no light, and the Devil mockingly tossed him an ember that would never burn out from the flames of hell. Jack carved out one of his turnips (which was his favourite food), put the ember inside it, and began endlessly wandering the Earth for a resting place. He became known as “Jack of the Lantern”, or “Jack-o’-Lantern.”

– The above is all adapted from Wikipedia.

So how are you going to spend your Halloween today? As for me, I’ll be heading out in an hour. Gonna go watch “Halloween II!” Hope that my post for today will not bore my readers out. Thanks for reading and goodbye!



I’ve managed to dig out a few of my childhood photos, while packing up for preparation to move to my new house in February. Here are two photos which I’ve found!



Sorry if the photos look kinda blur. I can’t remember where I’ve taken the first photo at, but the second one was at New Zealand. I looked really silly and tomboyish, right?! My elder brother also looked kind of chubby, but his face is shaped like a winter melon now! Haha.

Anyway, I’ve received the full schedule for my Korea trip! Here’s a bit of the details on my upcoming vacation.

7D5N Explore Korea

Date: 8th December’ 2009

Tour Fare: SGD1228
Taxes: SGD297
Land only: SGD728

Highlights of the tour:

– Upgrade 6 star hotel
– 1N Everland Resort
– Full day Yongin Everland unlimited rides
– Safari World Zoo with tram ride
– Laser & fireworks show
– 1N Ski Resort
– Skiing inclusive rental of ski equipments and rental of clothes
– Shopping at Seoul
– Eastsea Oceanic Scenic Route at Donghae (train ride)
– Sol Beach AquaWorld Theme Park

It’s gonna be snowing when I get to Korea! I’m absolutely looking forward to that. Been hoping to see snow, ever since I started touring around when I was 8. I love cold countries and the feeling of eating ice cream in those extreme temperatures, lol.

Well, that’s it for today’s post! Before signing off, I’d like to thank everybody for giving me their support on the “Refer-A”Friend” contest. It’s all thanks to you guys, that I’ve won third place! Thank you!

Alright then, bye-bye my darling readers!

Good & Bad

I have both good and bad events to blog about for today. My day started off, with some pure rotten luck. It was pouring cats and dogs as I made my way to the bus-stop from home, in order to rush to work. I simply hate having to be outdoors during such weathers! Just when I was about to shelter myself with an umbrella out in the opens, I realized that my umbrella was spoiled! How unlucky.

I then decided to flag for a cab instead, but to no availability. It took me some time to think if I should just get myself drenched and run quickly to the bus-stop in the distance. Ultimately, I gave that idea up when I saw the bus drove past me. And then just when I was about to resort to calling my dad for help, a cab finally came and I got in. Geez, what a tough venture.

After the awful incident, my gloomy day turned into a sunny one, when my mum notified me that our yearly overseas trip has been brought forward to December 2009, instead of January 2010! Hence, I’ll be flying off to Korea on 8th December and will be returning on the 15th. I’m so damn excited and delighted about it!

Sidetrack, if you haven’t watched the “Pandorum” movie, then don’t. I regretted watching the movie with Andy the other day. The graphics were indeed intense, but it has a poor storyline and bad explanations for some happenings in the show. Frankly speaking, I even find that some scenes aren’t logical and justifiable.


Okay, going to bed now. Need sufficient rest or I’ll have an outbreak of pimples again. Will be giving my graduation ceremony a miss, due to some irresponsible people and last minute stuff. Good night!

City Square Mall

I’ve met the benchmark of hitting 10,000 counts for my blog stats! Thank you to all my readers!

Appointment with my new insurance agent in the noon. I had an extremely good sleep until 1pm! Felt so energized after that. Decided to take up perhaps a plan or two, in order to prepare for my future. After the appointment, off I went to Farrer Park for a late lunch and followed by some shopping at City Square Mall.



It’s a new Eco-friendly shopping mall, so it’s not officially opened yet. The shopping mall’s pretty cool in my opinion. Got a few of my favorite shops and all the three telecommunications companies located there. The only thing I wonder about, is that if there’s gonna be a cinema inside the shopping mall too. If so, then it’d be perfect!

Due to the limited number of shops, I only patronized “The Royals Cafe,” which had caught my eyes when I was about to go down the escalator. They serve quite a variety of food… From the “Nonya Mee Siam” to pastries and cakes. Not to forget, even ice cream!

Being nonresistant to these sweet and tasty treats, I ended up selecting up to $50 worth of goodies!





Oh yes, I even bought a dark chocolate truffle cake as seen above! It was so chocolaty and delicious, when the lady gave me a piece of it for sampling. Totally irresistible! Received a free packet of cookies from the staff, after making the purchase. If you’re looking for a good bakery, I’d strongly suggest this place to you. Do check it out yourself!

Hmm… Gonna go continue watching “The Moment of Truth” on TV now. Advanced good night to my dear readers. Rest early!

Packed Days Ahead

I’m so not gonna stay home tomorrow! Spent almost the entire Sunday, watching movies. Was supposed to go out but abandoned the idea in the end, due to some reasons.

Anyway, here are two really good shows which I’d like to introduce to my fellow horror flick fans!



Okay, “The Thaw” was really grossed and gory in my opinion. The plot is about a group of students, who discovered that a deadly prehistoric parasite has been released, after the extinct mammoth has been thawed out due to a melting polar icecap. Let me tell you, I just have this deep hatred and phobia for all bugs. They somehow just disgusts me! So please do not allow any bugs to come near me or I will scream my lungs out, lol.

As for “Wrong Turn 3,” you might probably take sometime to absorb the show if you haven’t watched part I and II. “Wrong Turn” has always been a fast-paced and violence-packed show. It’s somewhat similar to the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “The Hills Have Eyes,” definitely not the kind of cheap production film and speaks of mutant killers. Very gory and realistic as it can be. So, that’s all for the recommendations.

Gonna be very busy for the next 1-2 weeks ahead. Gotta go collect my graduation gown from “Raffles Studio” to attend my Diploma graduation ceremony, visit the dentist for my braces appointment, watch “Paranormal Activities,” “Halloween II” and “Jennifer’s Body,” dye my hair ash brown, meet up with my insurance agent, go shopping, etc.

Not to forget, I still owe a couple of people a date! So sorry for pushing them back… I will meet up with you guys soon! A piece of great news to share with everyone as well. I think I’ll be going to Korea next year for my yearly vacation. I’ve been to Taiwan, Hong Kong, United States, Malaysia, Switzerland, France and New Zealand so far. Boy… Don’t ask me why, but I still prefer western countries more.

Don’t you just love traveling? My dream destinations are Paris, Hokkaido and Glasgow. Though I still won’t be accomplishing my dream next year, but oh well. That’s one more destination down!

Alright, stopping my entry here now. It’s yet another windy and boring post. Thanks a lot for reading and bye-bye!

Start Of A Change

It’s my rest day again! Out with Steph and Lydia for another movie of the week. This time round, it was “Sorority Row.” I thought of watching it as Xuan Guang had mentioned that it was quite nice. Glad that his taste wasn’t that bad, haha.


In my opinion, the movie was rather interesting. Although kind of cliche, but the tension was built up well. Needless to say, the murderer was gruesome enough to make the audience stare in shock. The identity of the murderer also seemed surprising to me and I truly admire “Cassidy” for her boldness.

Sidetrack, the main actresses in the movie are totally hot. So, guys. Does it appeal more to you now? Lol.

After the show, off I went to “Jeric Salon” for my appointment. Finally, I have had my hair extensions removed and my original hair trimmed even shorter! Goodbye to long hair once again…


In case you’re wondering, yes. “Jeric Salon” is also part of the “Reds Salon.” I’m pretty contented with my new hair stylist, “Melvin.” He’s rather friendly and has a great sense of humor! My previous hair stylist was from “Kimage Hair Studio” and she has resigned. Hence, the salon hopping. It’s great that I don’t have to salon hop anymore!

The shoulder, back and scalp massage was absolutely heavenly. I’d be glad to come back to this salon though the cost may be a little pricey, but the end result is all good! I’d have to thank Aunt for this.

Didn’t take a photo of my new hairstyle though, as I’m not even used to it yet. Next time, maybe.

Anyway, special thanks to the following people for all the encouragement and concern… Xuan Guang, Wendy, Yulian, David, Steph, Lydia, Kelvin, Cyndre, Jun Hao and Ronald. Thanks, guys!

Last but not least, work hard Steph! Good luck for your upcoming exams and don’t give up. 加油!

The Manhattan Fish Market

Andy flew my kite today again! Was supposed to meet him to watch the movie “Darah,” but he woke up too late. Geez… Luckily I was quick-witted and had seen that coming. Hence, I had asked dearest’s mummy out for movie and dinner at Plaza Singapura. Wouldn’t want to let another of my rest day go to waste!

Had dinner at “The Manhattan Fish Market” and God, it was a superb dining experience for me!






The soup of the day was super delicious! It was rich in flavor and the creamy taste did not wear my taste buds out. Of course, being the usual me, I had ordered the grilled salmon set with rice. Do you know? I tend to only eat two kinds of fish- salmon and codfish.

The salmon was very fresh and juicy! Some of you might think that grilled food may be a little dry and hard in texture, but not for this! The skin of the salmon was amazingly crispy, and the meat tasted very tender. Fret not, the seafood stench wasn’t present too!

Having not much expectations for the rice, I was taken aback when I scooped a spoonful of it into my mouth. It was filled with fragrance and had a smooth texture to it! Definitely the right dish for my meal.

As compared to “Fish & Co,” I’m sorry to say that I would have to bow down to this instead. Apart from just commenting on the food, the staffs were very friendly, welcoming and patient. I was pretty contented after my meal and I’d say… This is one of the best recommendations to you, readers! You’ve got to try this place out!

After dinner, it was time for the movie. Let me tell you… “Darah” was extraordinary. Not trying to belittle productions from Indonesia, but the quality of the movie had impressed me. It was a decent, suspense and gore-filled movie.


I loved the professionalism of the actors in the show, especially their expressionless faces. I believe that having no expressions is one of the key factors in a thrilling murder show. Isn’t that how most murderers are supposed to be like, as seen from shows? Crude, cold and calm. Believe it or not, having no expression is also an expression!

Most importantly, it had captured my interest throughout the entire movie. Tension rises after each scene and almost everything was accounted for, to the audience. The ending was marvelous too. It’s yet another classic horror movie of the year.

Hence, I’d sum up today as a fruitful one! Sincerely thank Aunt, for giving me the opportunity to earn such a day. Good night, everybody!