Yet Another Day

Am on leave today, as I had a dental appointment earlier on at noon. Visits to the dentist freaks me out, because I always have a hard time enduring the screeching sounds from the equipments. The screeching makes my hair stand! So there goes my money again, for the dental visit. Never mind, I’m gonna get my wages in a few more days’ time.

I’ve made up my mind, to get dental braces done by this year. Of course, I hope that there will be available slots for my major operation. Got to get going for a few more upcoming stuff as well… Hair trimming, coloring, straightening and a short vacation. Should I dye my hair ash brown, or honey brown this time?

After the horrifying visit to the dentist, I made my way down to dearest’s office to have lunch with my ex-colleagues and him. We went somewhere I’ve never been to. Dearest’s boss had recommended us there but unfortunately, most of the stalls were still closed when we reached. Due to the limited choices of food and a lack of appetite, I ended up with only a huge cup of soybean milk. Not much as it had seemed, but I was full before I could finish the entire cup.

Accompanied them back to the office after lunch, then went off to shop around Plaza Singapura for a while. I just wanted to kill time and not let my rest day go to waste. I seriously hate doing nothing at home, during my rest days. Like come on, they’re so hard to come by! Live life to the fullest!

Sad to say, my evening had eventually gone to waste by simply sitting in front of my PC. Andy had cheated my feelings again! Haha, so there goes my rest day… Sigh. Anyway, I’m going to have a probation test at work tomorrow. Good luck to myself.

If you’ve managed to read through my entire post for today… Impressive job! Thanks a lot for your time and devotion. Bye, readers!

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