Mummy just came back to Singapore on Thursday. I missed her! She got me a new bag and a bottle of  “Elizabeth Arden” perfume! Don’t know why she had gotten me those, but oh well. The bag costs $80 and the bottle of perfume costs $108.


Wonder how the perfume smells like, because I haven’t even opened the box. I seldom use big bags like this one too, though I did buy a somewhat similar one as shown above, when I was in the U.S. But I’ll use it anyway! Just not so soon though… Thanks, mummy!

Went out with Andy and his church friends yesterday. Have to admit that I was kind of prejudiced against the Christians, but not anymore. Sorry to all! Don’t bother asking me why, cause it’s the past now.

Besides, I’m a Buddhist and my dad has strong beliefs in Buddhism. Whatever it is, I don’t believe much in religions anyway. I would almost prefer just a plain straightforward thinking.

Andy’s friends were very welcoming and friendly. I was quiet and keeping mum to myself most of the time, but they didn’t mind and had attempted to strike conversations with me. Thanks, I really appreciate that! Being an introvert made it hard for me to open up to new friends.

Watched them play bowling in the late noon and got the opportunity of dining with them for dinner. I then suggested to play “Left 4 Dead” after dinner and Mary was so excited, lol. I was delighted when they all agreed! It was my first time playing as an “infected” in the game… It was totally awesome.

Left 4 Dead Infected

Was really fun and wild to hang out with them. Didn’t manage to take any photos though, as I was too solitary. After the game, Andy and I went to Hougang Mall’s “McDonald’s” for a long chat till almost 2am. We had conversations about our childhood and some other sad stuff.

Thanks a lot for the sharing session, Andy! And I’d love to meet up with the group again. Hope to see you guys soon!

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    • Lydia
    • September 27th, 2009

    OOOHhh!!! i want that first bag….looking for a bag rite now.
    hey meet some other time go shopping again.

  1. Sure! But remember to set ya budget! =)

    • Lydia
    • September 28th, 2009

    hahhaa….i am getting pay next month.
    go shopping b4 school start.
    budget is none, like then buy but acc must have money first

  2. Wow, you’re still awake! Alright, just let me know… If so, we gotta shop before 5th October approaches.

    • Lydia
    • September 29th, 2009

    hmm….i am free from 2nd oct onwards
    wan go shopping? hahah

    • Lydia
    • September 29th, 2009

    c when u free then tell me ba

  3. Okay, will text you. =)

    • Lydia
    • September 30th, 2009

    juz text me anytime,

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