Midnight Movie

Good morning, everyone! I just woke up about half an hour ago. Feel so refreshed after a bath! … But I feel like sleeping again.

Went over to dearest’s place at around 9pm last night. Bought dinner for him, as he had slept throughout the day. So if you think that I’m a pig, then he’s even worse, lol! Spenser drove Aunt and us to fetch Khim Hee first, then to a nearby “Macdonald’s” for supper. After which, we caught a midnight movie at Ang Mo Kio Hub.

“Blood Ties” was the show. It is a featured home production and tells the supernatural story of a policeman who passed away and returned for revenge during the seventh day of his death, by possessing the body of his younger sister. The film is rather realistic and carries quite an ordinary storyline. Don’t be afraid to watch this movie, because it is not scary at all. The only factors are gore and violence… Just an average film in my opinion.


Went for a drink at the coffee shop after the movie and reached home at around 2.30am. Was dead beat, so I went to bed straight. Thanks for the ride, Spenser!

Alright, gonna go have lunch and head over to dearest’s place again. We’re going out for a “Left 4 Dead” session! Thanks for reading my boring post, bye-bye!

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