Birthday Celebrations

Dearest’s mummy had bought me a bottle of “Moschino” perfume! It came with a free miniature bottle. The scent is kind of alluring in my opinion and I like the design of the bottles. Thanks, Aunt!



Had attended two birthday celebrations yesterday. The first one was totally wild, lol. Overslept and woke up only at 11am. I panicked, as I hurriedly got myself ready to rush out to meet Lydia first, then to Marina Square as we were meeting Roy there at 12.30pm. After all of us have arrived (including V.I.P – Steph), it was lunch time at “Kenny Rogers Roasters!”






I haven’t dined at “Kenny Rogers Roasters” before that, so these were my thoughts on my first visit. Service was just the usual average, the corn muffins were an in-house treat and tasted delicious, but the rest of their food and drinks weren’t really a big ‘hoo-ha.’

Felt that the chicken could have been juicier and more tender. As for the baked fish, it could have been furnished with some sauce. However, the prices are fairly reasonable given that the food proportions are huge. Obviously, I couldn’t even finish up my main dish!

Another thing which I disliked was that they do not serve plain water. Instead, they want you to buy them! Besides that, I felt that the staffs there weren’t attentive enough and seemed busy most of the time to tend to you.

Roy & Stephanie

Roy & Steph

Shortly after lunch, we went for a “K Box” session upstairs. Was delighted to discover that Kelly is actually working part-time there! The last time I saw her was before my diploma school’s graduation. I’m glad that she still recognizes me!

Kelly & me

Kelly & me

Lydia & me (2)

Lydia & me (3)

Lydia & Me

Lydia & me


Steph (The belated birthday girl)

The K Box session was supposed to end at 7pm, but we left at around 6pm as I had to rush to dearest’s house to celebrate Uncle’s birthday. Finally reached there at around 7pm, then Uncle drove us to “The Seafood International” at East Coast Parkway for dinner while Spenser and Khim Hee followed behind us in another car. Sorry for being late!



If you’d like to dine at an exquisite seafood restaurant, then do not hesitate to try out there! The seafood there is guaranteed fresh, as they fish them out of the aquariums upon your selection. You may also select the methods of cooking which you actually prefer. Simply sit back and relax at your seat, while the chef whips the dishes up for you and have them sent to your table.

Needless to say, the food there was absolutely marvelous and will make you go craving for more! So hurry and save up, to experience a grand dining session there!



After dinner, Uncle sent dearest’s aunt and nephew home. So, Spenser drove us to Hougang Plaza for another K Box session of the day! Sang until almost 2am, then we went home. Boy, was it a really tiring day! Last but not least…

Happy belated birthday to Uncle and Steph!

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