Leaning On You

Don’t know what’s wrong with the people nowadays. Don’t know what’s with my luck, too! Been meeting the same kind of person continuously for two days now. Interested to know what happened? Then read on…

Was on the bus home yesterday from work, when this guy came to sit beside me. We were seated on the last row of the single-deck bus and for some reason, he was seated very close to me. It was too close for comfort, as I felt kind of squeezed up and awkward. I thought that the other person sitting beside him was squeezing him, so I took a few seconds to peep at the space between them. To my surprise, there was still some gap between them and I pondered why he had to stick to me instead. No doubt, there were some thoughts in my mind at the point of time.

I recalled that something similar had taken place when I was young. Again, it was on the bus. I was on my way to school when a young man came to sit beside me and stretched his arm forward, in order to grasp the chair handle in front of him. I wasn’t worried because I thought that he was afraid of leaning towards me when the bus swirl, hence he had held onto the handle. But then, my horror came soon after. He begun to keep moving in towards me and totally squeezed me. My face flushed and I was absolutely clueless on what to do. It carried on for about 20 minutes, before the man alighted. The thought of that incident made me furious… Why had I not done anything then?

So I decided to give this guy one last chance. A few minutes later, he closed his eyes to rest. Then, the actual scene came when he began to lean towards me umpteen times as he slept. I just don’t believe that he could not feel he was leaning towards my direction. Frustrated, I tapped his shoulder and said, “Excuse me, sir. You’re actually leaning towards me, so could you…” Before I could finish my sentence, he hurriedly apologized and went towards another seat. He was then seated next to a guy and he didn’t even close his eyes to rest after that. Geez.

And then today, guess what? On my way home again, a lady came to sit beside me. And duh, she too, closed her eyes to rest and kept leaning towards me. It was kind of irritating because her hair was ticklish as it touched my arm. Wanted to wake her up, but I had thought that perhaps she’s just as tired from work as me. In split seconds, she was already leaning on my shoulder to sleep. OH, GOD. It remained that way for about a minute, before she woke up and went back to her original position. After that, she was no longer leaning towards me. Luckily she hadn’t drool, or she’d be dead meat!

I get so annoyed whenever such things happen. Sigh… Okay, going to meet dearest’s mum for dinner at Hougang Mall now. Sayonara, readers!

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    • Lydia
    • September 16th, 2009

    i noe how it feels.
    experience it b4. forget about it.

    • Souken
    • September 18th, 2009

    I actually do have a habit of leaning on people when I sleep on public transport, not for dirty reasons though – I really do it unknowingly. It doesn’t matter what gender or race, it happens. =.=”

  1. HAHA, oops. Sorry, Roy! =3

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