Splurging on Gadgets

Was rejoicing to have dinner with dearest and his mummy again last night. Arrived at Hougang Mall kind of late, because my new workplace is quite a distance away. The long journey totally wears me out…

Dearest showed up even more later, due to staying back in the office for the Comex Show. So late, that Aunt and I have already finished eating and walking around when he came.

While waiting, Aunt had helped dearest to purchase a Samsung 32-inch full HD LCD TV at $799 for him first, because he had wanted it so badly. What a splurge, my boy! He actually went to buy a PS3, just to watch blu-ray movies in his room. Then, he realized that he would need a TV in order to sum up everything. So that was how the TV came about.

Accompanied dearest and Aunt back to their house and the TV was received about an hour later. Dearest was so damn excited about it, that he had begun to set the PS3 and TV up immediately. A look at the final product!


Can you see that huge smile on his face?! Yes, that was how contented he was yesterday. As happy as a lark, super hyper and almost went mad! He almost drove me insane too, lol! Alright, as long as you’re happy!

Dearest sent me home after that at around 11pm, and he randomly asked me to take a photo of him. I think he was so joyous that he had the urge to act cute in front of the camera. Just kidding! Lol. Please don’t kill me when you read this.

Photo credits to Dearest.

CLICK HERE to read his blog.

Goodnight! Tomorrow’s Friday and I’m going down to Shiseido to collect my MJ’s limited edition mirror after work. Rest early, readers!

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    • Lydia
    • September 11th, 2009

    hey u were at comex yesterday???
    i’m working there at compaq!!

  1. My company isn’t even in the IT industry! And Comex where got office one… Lol.

    • Lydia
    • September 12th, 2009

    suntec city lar!!

  2. I meant the booths there itself has no office.

    • Lydia
    • September 12th, 2009

    LOL!!! okok. got it

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