Secondary School Gathering

I’m so lazy to blog right now, but I have to because I want my final week of rest to be maximized to the fullest! Gonna start working again on Monday. All the best to myself!

Anyway, had a little meet-up with my Secondary schoolmates and my beloved ex-teacher at The Heeren on Thursday. Before meeting them up, Lydia and I went to ION Orchard’s “Nippon-ya” again. Gosh, we just couldn’t get enough of the Japanese delights sold there! And I’m totally in love with their “Creamy Milk Cake” now!


After purchasing a few more Japanese delights which were considered rather expensive, we went over to “Watson’s” and I recommended Lydia to use “Majolica Majorca” (MJ) products. Trust me, it’s really good! Speaking of which, I got to make a trip down to Shiseido next week, to collect MJ’s limited edition mirror. Wonder how it looks like, lol.


Had lunch at “Sho Teppan” after that as we started to get hungry. I think we’re always hungry! For your information, it’s a D.I.Y Teppanyaki restaurant. I made an achievement there, by cooking an extremely presentable and delicious egg! Lydia couldn’t do it because her egg yolk had burst, lol!



Strolled around for a bit after lunch, then I decided to get another new pair of sunglasses from “River Island.” Know that I already have a few pair of sunglasses, but I dislike them all! Finally got one that satisfies me, at $43. Is it expensive? I have no idea, because my first pair of sunglasses had cost me 50 Swiss Francs.


Walked over to Far East Plaza after the purchase, in order to get Lydia some new clothing. Sadly, we didn’t manage to find any which was suitable for her in the end. Managed to stumble upon one of the “Sanrio” shops there instead, and then Lydia bought me a pair of Hello Kitty slippers! Yay.

Hello Kitty Slippers

All the walking was pretty tiring, and we had to kill time. Thus, we decided to rest our foot at “Hans Cafe” upstairs. And… We ended up eating again!



It was a tough decision to dine at Hans Cafe, because we had a really bad experience at the Marina Square’s outlet before. After we got served by a shockingly impolite, impatient and arrogant staff there, I never stepped into Hans Cafe ever again. The thought of the incident simply makes my blood boil, and I can still remember the staff’s face!

However, I’m glad to say that I was surprised and impressed by one of the staffs, who had served us when we were there. He was very polite and patient, courteous, had this smile on his face all the time when serving customers and his finger/hand signals upon serving, showed that he knew his job well.

I’m usually not very particular about such stuff, but I really have to compliment him. Besides, I know how it feels like to be praised after a long working day. Hope that it had made his day!

I can’t remember his name, because it’s rather unique and he looks like a Filipino. The Filipino accent does not seem to be there, though. After giving him an appraisal, I had requested to take a photo of him so that I could blog about it. So here it is!


Thumbs up for you!

Almost time for the meet-up after that, so we went over to Somerset MRT station to fetch Steph, and made our way to The Heeren. Then, the event of the day begun! Shall let the photos do the talking, since a picture speaks a thousand words…


Steph & Ms Yeo (Mrs Goh)



Me, Lydia, Ms Yeo, Steph & Samantha


Steph, Samantha, Ms Yeo, Lydia & me


Steph, Jocelyn & Ms Yeo




Jocelyn, me, Samantha, Ms Yeo, Lydia & Steph

That’s all, I got to rush to Bugis now. Bye, my dear readers!

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    • Lydia
    • September 5th, 2009

    go bugis bo chio.
    say until like we are nv full hahahhaa…

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