Shopping Spree

As mentioned, I’ll be updating about what happened yesterday. Called Lydia up in the late noon, and decided on a last minute venture – To go on a little shopping and eating spree, together with her at Bugis. But due to time constraint, we had changed the venue to ION Orchard instead, as it is nearer.

But first, I had to fill up my empty stomach which had kept on growling non-stop. Our first stop was to head down to “Pepper Lunch” at Hougang Mall. It was my first time trying out their beef rice set, and their sesame ice cream. Don’t ask me why I had ordered the sesame ice cream, when I don’t like to eat sesame. Just felt that perhaps it might taste good and indeed, the taste of the ice cream had taken me aback. Both were really yummy!



After the late lunch, we strolled around ION Orchard a bit, and went to “Nippon-ya.” Don’t know what had came over us, but we felt so tempted by all the Japanese delights there. Maybe our stomachs weren’t satisfied yet, lol! Only managed to purchase a few assorted snacks there, then it was time for Lydia to go off already. Realized that we had taken too long to admire the food there and to make up our minds on which to buy. Thus, time flew. Thanks for accompanying me, Lydia!

After Lydia left, boredom came soon after. Was so bored that I had stood at the MRT station for an hour, before meeting dearest and his mummy up. Dearest’s mummy came first, and brought me to “Swarovski” to buy me an advanced birthday gift. Was really surprised by her, and I seriously love the gift! It’s a total ‘bling-bling,’ has pink color on it, and the design is actually a dog! A perfect exquisite gift. Thanks, Aunt! But I can’t bear to use it now, lol. So glad that there’s a 2-year warranty for it.


A while later, we met up with dearest and headed down to “Kiehl’s” to purchase some facial products. Was about to be ‘disfigured’ already, due to the outbreak of acne after the facial session last week. Hence, dearest suggested me to get “Kiehl’s” products. The products cost a bomb and dearest’s mummy was extremely selfless, to have paid them all for me. A big thank you, once again!


Dear readers, if you have not found the right facial products for yourself, I’d suggest you go for “Kiehl’s” products too. Though they may be costly, but the products are really efficient and revitalizes your skin. If you’re low on budget and have an acne-prone skin, then just get the “Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Solution” acne cream at $50. It helps to clear acne blemishes, allow skin-recovery and prevents scars/new acne from forming. I’ve only used it for two days, and can see the difference already. Helps to boost your confidence, too!

Had dinner at “Xin Wang Hong Kong CafĂ©…” No ambiance there, as it was far too noisy. The food only tasted average, and some of the ingredients’ combination are rather unique. ‘Uniquely Hong Kong,’ maybe? It was just too crowded and it seemed like they were lacking some manpower to deal with it.

After dinner, we popped by “Marks & Spencer” at Wheelock Place, to get somemore snacks and then proceeded to have tea at “Goodwood Park Hotel.” Cabbed home after that, as it was getting late. Thanks for the moon cake and tea! Earl Grey Tea’s my favorite now.



Time for bed, bye-bye beloved readers!

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    • Lydia
    • September 4th, 2009

    OMG!!! i can’t believe u posted that picture!!!

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