Tamako Meal

Went dining with dearest and his mommy last night, to “Tamako Meal” located at Casuarina Road. I’ve been there once before already and had anticipated another visit as I like the atmosphere there. Gives me the cozy and warm feeling!



The food there is fairly alright and there’s a free flow of the Japanese green tea (O-Cha). Service charge and GST does not apply too! Thanks a lot to dearest’s mommy again, for the treat! In case my readers are interested to dine there, here’s the following information:

Tamako Meal

128 Casuarina Road, Singapore’ 579516
Operates from Monday to Sunday: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6pm – 9:30pm

Went back to dearest’s house after that and he showed me some funny clips on YouTube… Let me show you one of his favourites!

I think that “Ms. Swan” is rather irritating, but she’s so comical at the same time! My brother cannot even stand her voice, lol. Dearest teased me when he was sending me home, saying that he bet I’ll be searching for her other clips, as soon as I was home… Haha, indeed!

Anyway, while searching for her clips earlier on, I happened to sidetrack and viewed an amazing video! If you’re a dog lover, then don’t even hesitate to watch it… Lol. Here:

Thanks for reading! See you again…

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