Back to the Days

Reached home at around 3am this morning. Started off yesterday, by heading down to dearest’s house. The purpose was to help him take care of his hamster while he washed it’s cage and to help him dress up for the party, which he was having at night.

However, I only ended up helping him to babysit the hamster. Was so damn nervous while doing so, because the hamster is so vulnerable and I’ve never really taken care of one before. Felt that its life was in my hands! Wanted to take photos of the cute hamster, but my hands were really too occupied. Totally 手忙脚乱. Luckily, time passed.

Cabbed down to “Marie France Bodyline” for a consultation session, located at Orchard International Building. Forget it, not gonna get slimming sessions from there already… The staffs there weren’t very friendly.

Had nothing to do after that, so I went down to Isetan’s “TCC” to have dessert by myself. Think I seemed emotional sitting by the window alone, so the waitress came to chat with me a bit. I liked their service! Of course, the food too. Well, if that was obviously what she was trying to promote, then good job there! It was nice just sitting there, enjoying the dessert by myself and staring into space… Felt so sinful after finishing them up. *Gulps!*




Sat at the cafe until almost 7pm, then Donald came along. Okay, it was starting to get pretty boring anyway. Made a trip down to Cineleisure and met up with Ethel, Eugene and Sylvia. Watched them have dinner at “Long John Silver’s,” as I was still too full to eat anything. Had some conversations about the past… Those were the days! I miss the old times.

Shortly after, we made our way to the “K Box” upstairs and sang our lungs out. Was kinda embarrassing to sing in front of the ‘KTV Queen’ (Ethel) at first, but got used to it later on. Gosh, Ethel and Sylvia kept asking me to sing! I felt so shy, HAHA. You guys sang awfully nice!




Sylvia & Ethel

Donald sent me home after that at around 2am, despite pouring cats and dogs. Thanks, friend! I’m looking forward to meeting up with you guys again… Just let me know, yeah?

Okay, got to go out in a while to dearest’s place again. It has already started to rain… Bye-bye all!

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