Dinner On Sunday

Went out with dearest, and his mummy for dinner last night. Don’t know if I was unlucky or what, but something happened to my pinafore as I got off the cab. Left with no other choices, we strolled around in search of a new dress.

Dearest wanted me to get a new top and jeans, but I had thought that it was quite troublesome to get two new pieces instead of one, so I insisted on only dresses. Within the next few minutes, dearest caught his eye on a particular dress from “French Connection.” I hurried to the dressing room to try it out, with much help from the staff.

After some decision-making and being pressed for time, I decided to purchase it. It was a terrible hassle to take it off again, so the bought was instant. Dearest’s mum was really nice to have offered to make the payment for me, but I was a little too embarrassed to accept the expensive gift. Hence, we ended up splitting the total cost of $183.20. Thank you so much!


We proceeded to have tea at “Royal Copenhagen” after that. The tea aroma was simply enticing. I have always loved tea, and will always do. Only thing that’s bad about it, is that I tend to get diuretic from it easily. Spent some time there for a chit-chat session, then went on to shop around.


Dearest had brought us to “Louis Vuitton,” as he had wanted to get a LV bag for his mummy. Headed to “Bally” and “Fred Perry” shortly after, and they each got something from there. We then had dinner at a Japanese restaurant located at ION Orchard after that- I can’t really remember the name of the restaurant, though. Was too busy selecting the food to eat. We ended up ordering quite a lot of food, so I somehow wasn’t able to finish mine… Thanks for dinner!


In order to digest the heavy meal, we went shopping again after dinner. This time round, dearest’s mummy had gotten me a pair of slippers at “Havaianas.” Though the slippers cost $39.90 and looks ordinary, it is totally non-slip and is very comfortable to wear. Conveniently, a pair of slippers was exactly what I had lacked. Thanks, once again!


We went on to have a fulfilling dessert at “Ben & Jerry’s,” at The Cathay after all the shopping. Yes, dessert was the finishing touch which I had needed! Been having the crave for dessert for a long time… Yummy dessert, it was!

Time flew when I was out with them… They made life seemed so carefree, and I suddenly felt that the world had no boundaries. I really enjoyed myself that day, as my worries drifted away.

Hugs and kisses to dearest, and dearest’s mummy!

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