Deep In Thoughts

Edited: My day has ended with a twist, because of my dearest! He had came over to my place just a while ago, and had gotten me something!


Isn’t it adorable?! My dearest is always so sweet!

He had also gotten me a necklace the other day.


Thanks a lot, you really made my day! <3

How many days in a year, do I have to be really unlucky? I hate today, because it has been all bad, so I shan’t go into details. I’ve also been falling sick umpteen times these days. Is it really the weather…? Or am I just weak? A few colleagues of mine were also in the same situation.

And God, the office seemed really different today, without my mentor and dearest around. I re-e-e-ally missed the both of you! Well this morning was horrendous, as I made my way to work alone. My dear, I hope that you’re feeling much better already. Thank you for being there for me today! Though not physically, but your sweetness and encouragement really helped a lot.

Had butterflies in my stomach this morning, due to the fact that my mentor is on sick leave today. Don’t know what to do without her around… Am I too dependent?

I’m also beginning to think that this is but the start to the working life. There’s more than what meets the eye, and I’m beginning to see more than just the surface now… Okay, enough of the bothersome stuff.



These are the two movies, which we caught on Saturday night. “1408” was a little dry at start, but moved on to a smoother climax after that. It was a pity that the ending wasn’t all ‘full’ though.

And as for “My Bloody Valentine,” I’d say that it was really bad. Wasn’t even half of what I had expected, and all that I could remember was just gore and some nude scenes. What is that, sex appeal? I will definitely not want to watch it again… Does anyone have anymore horror flicks/thrillers to introduce me, please?

By the way, take a look at these videos!

Alright, time to take a nap now, and let my mind rest. I really need more time off…

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