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Extreme Videos

Guys out there, if you think that you’re always having the upper hand in your relationships, think again! Times have indeed changed, and women are more ‘vocal’ now. Well, perhaps even more than just that! Don’t get what I’m trying to say? Then click on the photo below and watch the video!


And here’s the link to another extreme video. (To view, please kindly click on the photo.) Do not even think about watching it, if you’re unable to withstand seeing gore and such.

[Warning]: Not for the faint-hearted!


– The above photos were taken from Miyake and Celestina’s blog.


The Final Destination

Hola, my dear readers! Were you looking forward to hearing from me again? Haha, I haven’t been updating due to the lack of mood, but I’m fine now. Thank you, dearest! If there is anything at all, I’ll always be here for you.

Had been anticipating to watch “The Final Destination” in 3D, which has been released a few days ago. Managed to book the tickets at $20 each with Donald’s help, and went to catch it together with dearest, Donald and Andy on Wednesday.

The movie’s digital and sound effects are intense and awesome. It was probably enhanced due to the fact that it was in 3D. (Gosh, the 3D glasses was totally uncomfortable to wear.) Well if you do like gore and stuff, then this movie would cater best to you. I’d have to admit that the tension and suspense are built up well throughout the movie. However, it’s a pity that the ending kinda sucks. Don’t ask me why, because I’m not gonna be a wet blanket.


Was so famished and tired after the movie, as it was almost 9pm. Thus, we went to “Sakae Sushi” for dinner and went home after that. Thanks for the movie, guys!

Gonna stop here for now, will update again soon…

Tamako Meal

Went dining with dearest and his mommy last night, to “Tamako Meal” located at Casuarina Road. I’ve been there once before already and had anticipated another visit as I like the atmosphere there. Gives me the cozy and warm feeling!



The food there is fairly alright and there’s a free flow of the Japanese green tea (O-Cha). Service charge and GST does not apply too! Thanks a lot to dearest’s mommy again, for the treat! In case my readers are interested to dine there, here’s the following information:

Tamako Meal

128 Casuarina Road, Singapore’ 579516
Operates from Monday to Sunday: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6pm – 9:30pm

Went back to dearest’s house after that and he showed me some funny clips on YouTube… Let me show you one of his favourites!

I think that “Ms. Swan” is rather irritating, but she’s so comical at the same time! My brother cannot even stand her voice, lol. Dearest teased me when he was sending me home, saying that he bet I’ll be searching for her other clips, as soon as I was home… Haha, indeed!

Anyway, while searching for her clips earlier on, I happened to sidetrack and viewed an amazing video! If you’re a dog lover, then don’t even hesitate to watch it… Lol. Here:

Thanks for reading! See you again…

Back to the Days

Reached home at around 3am this morning. Started off yesterday, by heading down to dearest’s house. The purpose was to help him take care of his hamster while he washed it’s cage and to help him dress up for the party, which he was having at night.

However, I only ended up helping him to babysit the hamster. Was so damn nervous while doing so, because the hamster is so vulnerable and I’ve never really taken care of one before. Felt that its life was in my hands! Wanted to take photos of the cute hamster, but my hands were really too occupied. Totally 手忙脚乱. Luckily, time passed.

Cabbed down to “Marie France Bodyline” for a consultation session, located at Orchard International Building. Forget it, not gonna get slimming sessions from there already… The staffs there weren’t very friendly.

Had nothing to do after that, so I went down to Isetan’s “TCC” to have dessert by myself. Think I seemed emotional sitting by the window alone, so the waitress came to chat with me a bit. I liked their service! Of course, the food too. Well, if that was obviously what she was trying to promote, then good job there! It was nice just sitting there, enjoying the dessert by myself and staring into space… Felt so sinful after finishing them up. *Gulps!*




Sat at the cafe until almost 7pm, then Donald came along. Okay, it was starting to get pretty boring anyway. Made a trip down to Cineleisure and met up with Ethel, Eugene and Sylvia. Watched them have dinner at “Long John Silver’s,” as I was still too full to eat anything. Had some conversations about the past… Those were the days! I miss the old times.

Shortly after, we made our way to the “K Box” upstairs and sang our lungs out. Was kinda embarrassing to sing in front of the ‘KTV Queen’ (Ethel) at first, but got used to it later on. Gosh, Ethel and Sylvia kept asking me to sing! I felt so shy, HAHA. You guys sang awfully nice!




Sylvia & Ethel

Donald sent me home after that at around 2am, despite pouring cats and dogs. Thanks, friend! I’m looking forward to meeting up with you guys again… Just let me know, yeah?

Okay, got to go out in a while to dearest’s place again. It has already started to rain… Bye-bye all!

Upcoming Hit: New Moon

I love Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” series books! Know that I’ve mentioned it quite a few times already… But still, it’s definitely worth emphasizing again! I’m totally looking forward to the “New Moon” movie this coming November/December. Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact release date yet.


And I still have not purchased “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn!” Gosh, I want them so badly. Is it just me, or is it hard to find them in hard-covers? Anyway, take a look at the official movie trailer for “New Moon” and the two parodies for it. Jacob looks so much better with his long hair trimmed off. Enjoy the two clips and have a good laugh, my dear readers!

Hungry Ghost Festival

Today, marks the beginning of the “Hungry Ghost Festival!” I could sense a chill down my spine as I was making my way home at around 12am last night, with the escort of my dearest and Andy. Perhaps I was just thinking too much, but it was indeed windier than usual.

Don’t ask me if I’m superstitious and believe in these… Whether or not, I do pay my utmost respect to them, as I think that it’s not something pleasant to joke about. So here I am, to share some guidelines to all my dear readers.

To heed or not, the ultimate decision lies in your hands!

Taboos to Follow:

1. Avoid swimming during the 7th month. It is believed that those previously drowned evil ghost might cause you to drown in the swimming pool. Such ghost need to find victims in order for them to be go for rebirth.

2. Children and young adults are also advised to return home early and not to wander around alone at night. This belief is due to the reason that the wandering ghosts can possess children easily.

3. Avoid moving into new homes and opening new businesses this month as it is considered inauspicious and bad luck on new ventures.

4. Avoid getting married during this month because couples will have bad ending. Some bad ghost may cast a bad spell on couples during their wedding.

5. Avoid going for jungle trekking and going on camping trips as chances of injuries, possession and death are high.

6. Drive very carefully during this month to avoid accidents, as there may be many wandering spirits who died of accidents previously that are searching for next victims so that they could be reincarnated.

7. Protect your entrances with genuine repellent of ghosts, or display Feng Shui animals to ward evil spirits off.

8. Wear protective amulets to prevent bad luck, ghost possessions and accidents due to ghost disturbances.

9. Do not hang clothes out to dry after sunset and take them in before sunset.

Hotel Taboos:

1. Provide a respectful knock on the bedroom door before you enter for the first time.

2. Avoid entering the room right away. Whisper to yourself that you are renting the room to stay temporarily, as a form of asking permission. Let any spirit leave the bedroom first before you enter.

3. Place your pair of shoes or sandals facing the door. The shoes must be away from the bed. One side of the shoe points to the door and the other side point inwards.

4. Display a glass of salt water next to your bed. Salt is an excellent antidote for dirty energy.

5. You are encouraged to flush the toilet bowl first before using it.

6. You are also encouraged to avoid wearing black or striking red colored clothings.

7. Please avoid touching or moving the bible from it’s original position in the hotel drawers.

8. Always keep the toilet’s door closed with lights turned off when you go to sleep.

9. Try to avoid facing the mirror when you sleep. If the mirror is designed in this manner, try to cover it with a towel.

10. Avoid placing any shoe next to the bed when sleeping.

11. Watch out the mouth from mentioning anything about ghost. Ghost story telling must be avoided by all means.

12. Display a repellent of ghost, made from “genuine peach wood” to be effective in chasing away ghosts and protecting one with a good night’s sleep.

– The above information is all retrieved from the internet.

That’s all for today, have a long weekend ahead!

Adoption of Puppies

Dear readers, I’m interested in adopting a Japanese Spitz and Yorkshire or Silky Terrier puppy!

Please do kindly let me know the details by leaving a comment on this post, thanks!