Long Day

It was a super long day yesterday! Woke up in the morning to attend work, then went over to Payar Lebar with Siddy and Donald to do Siddy’s hair. Was starving like mad, as I did not take my breakfast that day. But never mind, it’s good enough seeing that David had liked the muffins I brought along. Don’t worry!

While Siddy was still at the salon, Donald and I went to have lunch first. Crap, I still suck at peeling prawns using cutlery, so I didn’t eat the prawns in my noodles. What’s more, Donald didn’t like eating the pan-fried dumplings which I had intended to share with him. Sad, those dumplings sure cost a bomb. But never mind, it’s over. Now I know that you don’t eat that.

After lunch, we spent a few minutes more waiting for Siddy before he was done. He then suggested that we head down to “Serene Center,” located at Jalan Serene. Seriously speaking, Donald and I have never even heard of that place before, LOL. It had seemed a little ‘ulu’ in some sense.

Upon arrival, we made our way to “Comics Mart.” This is the second time I’ve been to Comics Mart. It has always been a little awkward, as it seemed to be a hangout place for mostly guys only.

Comics Mart

*Please note that the above photograph is not-so-updated as it was found on the net.

After purchasing some stuff, we headed down to Orchard. Strolled around for a while under the scorching sun in the late afternoon, then we went to Takashimaya.

I saw a whole lot of really cute things there, and decided to purchase some, including three different sets of unique cutlery for Siddy, Lynn (my mentor), and myself. There goes my money again! A total of $69.95. Luckily my pay day is coming soon.

Hello Kitty Cutlery

Hello Kitty Cutlery Close-Up

My Melody Cutlery


Took a cab home after spending all of our energy, and met up at around 12am again at my place, for the usual movie maniac.


Sidney & Donald

This time round,  I had bought a Thai horror film called “The House.” I felt that the storyline could be further improved, and the graphics were alright. The sound effects were great, though. I was scared at some parts of the show!

The House3

After the movie ended, Siddy guided me through a new game which I had just picked up- “EverQuest II.” Thanks a lot! Was really struggling to keep my eyes opened, as it was already 3am+ last night.


Okay, they’re waiting for me in-game now. Do try out the game, if you’re interested. Feel free to ask me any questions here. Till next time!

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