My eyes are closing! But I’m still here to blog despite the weariness.  Am trying very hard to open my eyes now… So let’s review what had taken place during the past week.

Attended Desmond’s wedding dinner at “Noble House Restaurant,” on 11th July at the UIC building. Was glad that I had a companion who was willing to attend this event with me. Thanks, Siddy! You looked dashing that day.

Hang on… Well, the groom looked dashing too! And the bride was ravishing. As for the restaurant’s service, it was average, and the food was alright. Met a few friendly in-game chaps there, and of course, Judy!

Wedding 2


Say, I think I’m shifting house only in January or February. Will still be staying at my current area. Although the time line is far, but it’s better to be prepared for it first, right? So we went down to “Ikea” at Queensway the next day, to look for some new furniture.

Had my eyes caught on some of them. Siddy has agreed to be my room designer! But with nice furniture and decorations, comes loads of money… I will try my best to save up!


– Credits to Siddy for the photos!

I need a lot of cash! Have to get the new furniture, and a new mobile phone. I’m planning to get the pink “LG Viewty.” Am really excited about it. I can’t wait for it to be mine!

LG Viewty

Continuing, I had met up with Stephanie, Lydia, and Felicia for lunch today. You go, girls! I missed gossipping with you all! (Haha, just kidding!) Guess I’d need to catch up more often with the three of you.

Went to rent two movies at Hougang Mall after lunch, and they came over to my place to watch one of them. The two movies rented were namely, “The Loner” and “Body # 19.” Kinda regret renting them, because they did not match my standards. It was a relief I didn’t purchase them, but merely rented.

After which, Donald, Andy, William, and Siddy came over to my place as well, for the usual movie hangout. We watched “Land Of The Dead,” and I love it.


That’s all, I guess. Gonna go sleep already, good night all!

P/S: Please kindly vote for my friend “Miyake,” for “Who’s the best bargain hunter” contest. Thanks!
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