Farewell Dinner

Thursday night was ultimate! Attended the farewell dinner which was planned for Lyn, Jen Kang, and Hui Shi. I was totally unaware that my department head- Carol, was leaving soon too. Got a shock when Lynn and Daren told me about it. I couldn’t believe my ears in the few split seconds. I’ll miss her!

So moving on, we headed to “Coca Steamboat” for a steamboat buffet. The service there was pretty amazing, and the food was damn fresh! Of course, every single cent was paid off. I’m saying this for a reason- Just look!


Yes, the bill was actually $1133.45! But looking at it from another angle, there were 24 of us in total. Covered the cost for Jen Kang, so each of us paid only around $50. What an expensive meal!

Here are some  memorable photos which were taken that night. (Sorry if your photo is not found here, I’m lazy to upload all.) Take note that Jen Kang has a lot of different poses, including the disgusting ones, HAHA!


Daren & Jen Kang
Me & Jen Kang
Siddy & Jen Kang


Carol, Christine, Aloysius, & Lyn
Hui Shi, Jen Kang, & Lyn



Jen Kang, Hui Shi, & Lyn
Jen Kang & Chris
Me, Daren, Lyn, Siddy, & Carine


Yvonne, Ashley, Lyn, Catherine, & Jasmine

In case you’re wondering why my expression was like that in the second photo, it was because Jen Kang had taken his belt off and wanted to ‘SM’ me! I seriously didn’t know how to react and pose. Hence, my facial expression. Geez…!

Thanks for the dinner, everyone. And good luck in your future endeavors, guys! Miss you all.

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