The More We Get Together

I haven’t been getting much sleep these days, due to hanging out with the two cranky boys- Siddy and David. (Maybe just one boy, huh?) I really enjoyed the time spent with the both of them, though sometimes I feel like burrowing deep into the ground, to seek shelter from their random singing on the streets.

I love weekends, because I get to spend even more time with them. Looking back, I used to loathe going out on weekends, because it’s the only time I can rest at home. Well, maybe sometimes I still do.

So, we’re always up to late night movies and shopping on weekends. That was why I had to sacrifice my beauty sleep. (Yeah yeah, I know I’m not a beauty.) And guess what? I’m broke now, from all the shopping.

Thanks for buying me the handbag, Siddy! And thanks to David for the Hello Kitty gift as well as the friendship bands, etc. I like them all.

Anyway, here are three of the movies we’ve watched so far at my place:




You do notice that the three movies are all horror flicks or thrillers, right? Because I only tend to watch movies of such genre. Sadly, none of them is good enough for me. Only “Exorcist: The Beginning” was alright. I need a more satisfying masterpiece! I am currently looking forward to the upcoming movie, “The Final Destination.”

Hmm, I think it’s fun to watch movies with Siddy and David, because they can turn scary shows into hilarious ones, HAHA. Okay, so what else have we been doing? Eating, shopping, watching movies at my place, and getting our new hairstyles. I’m so contented with my hair extensions! Though it cost me a bomb, but never mind.



Oh, we also went for the WCG event at Suntec on Friday with Daren. There weren’t a lot of people there, and it was kinda boring. Caught up with Max, and bumped into Miyake there. As usual, Max is always so lame and dirty-minded, while Miyake is forever a babe. Thanks for the freebies, Max!

Yes, and look at this masterpiece which I took at the WCG event! *Laughs*


We also went to play “Left 4 Dead” at Parklane last night, together with Roy. I have always wanted to give it a shot. It was darn funny last night! Siddy was left with a final bar of health point, and I accidentally shot him, HAHA! (Whenever I’m reminded of this, it makes me laugh like hell!) We also kept falling down from the rooftop! Wanted to help David’s character up, then I fell down as well, LOL. Sorry, I know that I suck at such games!


Gotta go out again in a while now, bye all!

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    • Souken
    • July 7th, 2009

    Left 4 Dead, haha absolute evil – I did a lot of nasty things to Zoey (Sinacy’s character) partly because he was standing in front of me all the time, 50% of my bullets went to his butt.

    Then there were some occasions where I was just being plain evil, I closed the door on his character when the horde came! xD

  1. Ha! I’d have to admit that I did the same… Was shooting the zombies and then he stood in front of me, so I accidentally shot him =X *Oops*

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