Hello Kitty

Gosh, I realized that I’m now a “Hello Kitty” fan! Thanks to Siddy for influencing me, after buying me the Hello Kitty bag. I think that most of the Hello Kitty merchandises are so cute! Best of all, most of them are pink in color.

Here are the Hello Kitty stuffs I have consolidated. I did not include my Hello Kitty bag below, as it has already been uploaded in the previous entry.

Hello Kitty Fan

Hello Kitty USB fan
Hello Kitty Hair Dryer
Hello Kitty hair dryer
Hello Kitty Calculator
Hello Kitty calculator and magnet
Hello Kitty Keyboard
Hello Kitty keyboard and table mat

I’m going to get a Hello Kitty table clock next! I don’t have an alarm clock, hence it’s so troublesome to always rely on my mobile phone’s alarm. Especially when I’m too tired sometimes, and dozes off before activating it.

Hello Kitty Table Clock

Gotta catchem all!”

Kaslyn's "Hello Kitty donation drive" is now OPENED.
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    • Lawrence
    • June 20th, 2009

    ..all hello kitty =.=
    “Kaslyn’s “Hello Kitty donation drive” is now OPENED”i got 1 hello kitty keyboard..u wan? haha..

  1. Thank you for the keyboard! :)

    • thew
    • June 29th, 2009

    u sure that is a hk hair dryer?

  2. Of course! Lol. XD

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