Unexpected Gifts

Sorry for the late update! Was occupied by the PC show which had just ended on Sunday. In case you’re wondering- No, I was not stationed at any of the PC show booths. I’m an indoor sales executive, so I only stay in the office.

By the way, I’m always busy at work, so please only email and MSN me when necessary, okay? Thanks, guys!

Had a terrible headache hoping that the PC show would end in the blink of an eye… Now that it’s over, fatigue’s killing me. Sunday was my worst nightmare as I had to solo at work, without any guidance. I’m lucky to have made it through! More to come as time pass…

Anyway, I’ve been tagging along with Siddy ever since I started work. That boy (or rather that “man”), keeps influencing me to buy branded stuff and brings me to expensive places for dining! My pocket is totally burned out now. I’m gonna have to feed on grass for the rest of the month, sigh!

Oh, and of all the dining places which he had brought me to, one of them had carved deep into my mind. The dining place is a Japanese cafe called, “Kitchen Mogu Mogu.” The waitresses’ uniform is adorable, the place is cozy, the food is nice, and the decoration of the food is unique and cute! Here’s an example:

Picture 243

But do be reminded, that the price may be a bit costly, and the food portion may be somewhat little. For more inquiries, please kindly click on the Mogu Mogu logo below!

Mogu Mogu

Lastly, I’d like to take this golden opportunity to sincerely thank Siddy.

Thank you for your company,

thank you for being there for me,

and thank you for your gifts!

Wanna know what he bought for me? You might be as shocked as I was…

  • A genuine “Hello Kitty” bag which costs $75.95,
  • and a pair of “Lee Cooper” shoes which costs $44.95.




And yes, I’m not kidding! I was utterly shocked and speechless when he bought them for me. I actually got tricked by him twice, when he bought them at different times. So in turn, I had paid for our $40.45 meal at “Marche.” (Sorry, that was as much as I could afford!)

Hmm before I forget, Siddy is trying to sell off a pair of sunglasses, which has not even been worn before.

Picture 234

Picture 246

He’s selling it off real cheap, because he has purchased another nicer one already. Kindly leave a comment if you’re interested, thanks!

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    • Lawrence
    • June 17th, 2009

    tat food…is cute! lol.
    the shoes is nice

  1. Of course it is cute, cause it was ordered by an “act cute” person… *Oops* =X

    • Lawrence
    • June 20th, 2009

    lol..act cute person…Siddy! are u seeing this? XD

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